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Got a $35 gift card at William Sonoma, what should I get?


I've drooled over their catalogues, but never actually bought anything there. Any recs?


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  1. That depends... what are your interests? Do you grill/bake etc...??

    Off the top of my head (and I think for under $35 - but I shop in $Cdn):

    Discount christmas chocolate - the Peppermint Bark is delicious, so are the candies and the jar is a keeper.
    For grilling: button thermometers by Taylor, set of four 2 chicken 2 meat, handy when you have a crowd over and everyone likes their meat just so.
    For baking: A silpat if you don't have one already or any of their Professional series bakeware. I have their loaf pans and their square cake pan. Best stuff I've ever used. No more cheap non-stick for me :)
    And if you're going to try some new recipes maybe wait and see what shakes out in terms of the Homecooking Board's Cookbook for February and see if it's available at WS and get it? (probably not for under $35 but the gift card will at least make a dent in the price)
    If you like wine the Reidel glasses and carafe are carried at WS...although I think $35 might get you one glass.


    1. If you ever make candy or jelly, or do deep-frying, you might want to take a look at this digital oil and candy thermometer. It hurt to shell out $35 when I bought mine, but I'm so glad I did--it's far easier to use than my old glass one. And anyway, that's what I like about gift cards--I always try to buy something I wouldn't spend that much on otherwise.


      1. Pop-up sponges! Twenty or so years ago, I got a package among a gift, and I've kept some around ever since. I'm also quite fond of their linens, from dishtowels to tablecloths. Their sale prices on seasonal items can be great, and the salespeople, while sometimes terribly snooty, are well-trained and knowlegeable about the products they sell. Enjoy your shopping spree!

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          Yes those pop up sponges are sponges of the gods had they ever had to clean. You can put them in the dishwasher and they are perfect with bar keeper's friend for SS appliances. Oh how I love these!

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            If you are near a Trader Joe's, 12 pop up sponges are 5.99. Williams Sonoma charges 14.00.

          2. I'd get 4 boxes of Maldon salt, but that's just me... Eating it right now sprinkled on cold edaname - yummm!!

            1. They are having some great sales right now - I got a table runner yesterday that I had contemplated a while ago. I'm glad I waited - it was $24.99, marked down from $98!

              1. I like kitchen gadgets - the silicone basting brush, zester, mini spatula, digital thermometer

                Or gourmet food items - Himilayian rock salt, seasoned olive oils, anything chocolate

                check the clearance section online - I got a small woven rug reg. $59 for $29

                my blog http://dinnersforayear.blogspot.com

                1. If you're in the mood to splurge, try their croissants. Quite amazing.

                  1. Hmm, what would I buy...

                    - Pop up sponges
                    - Gold baking sheet
                    - Fancy cake pan (I'm coveting the flower-shaped cakelets pan)
                    - Pink grapefruit lotion/candle/dish soap
                    - Kitchen towels - I've never found any kitchen towels that absorb as much or wear as well as theirs. I've had some for many years, several which have morphed into dustrags or garage rags when they become too stained to keep out in the kitchen.

                    1. the dulce de leche they carry, best I've had in north america

                      1. It would be much less than $35 ... but I just got a microplane grater from WS. It is truly amazing and I cannot believe how I lived without one.

                        I also like their kitchen towels, as others have said.

                        1. I would add some of my own money and buy something you really want instead of something based on price. I purchased a waffle maker for $99.00 that is great. The Villaware Reversible-Plate Waffle Maker. It has a timer so there is no guess work to when the waffle is done. Well worth the money.

                          1. you might be just around the right price for a good paring knife, maybe the wusthof classic?

                            much of their food stuff is overpriced, but some of it is not bad and worth getting - maladon salt being one example.

                            their towels and oven mitts are excellent quality, not found elsewhere, and not a bad price.

                            you could probably get one really good cookbook for that price too.

                            1. Their egg poacher pan is a must have. Perfectly poached eggs every time !

                              The "Gold" professional series cookie sheets are also wonderful.

                              1. Their clearance sales can be great. My mom the bargain hunter once snared a first quality Le Crueset saucepan from there for something like $30. It you're in there at the right time, there's other neat stuff that's 80% or more off the original price.

                                1. Treat yourself to a nice quality olive oil. They have a great selection, you can always get cookware or gadgets elsewhere at a better price.

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                                    A few years ago I got their set of 3 mixing bowls. LOVE THEM! They have a rubber ring on the bottom so they don't slide, they're plastic, so very light weight.

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                                      Ditto on the mixing bowls. I even ordered their child cook sizes just so that I could have smaller bowls made of the same material. I use them every day.

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                                        Do you have a store near you? If so, there is a ton of stuff on sale right now. But don't just buy something b/c it is on sale unless you really need it. I agree with all the posters about the towels, sponges, olive oils etc. Use it to buy something you normally wouldn't spend the money on yourself like a good piece of Apilco french dinnerware. Or invest in a great knife. Replace those old cooks tools with some new ones. Geez, the possibilities are endless. The average price of a cookbook is about $35. How about Alice Waters new book? $35 would be gone in a millisecond in my paw. Let us know what you do eventually get. BTW, you can also use that at Pottery Barn & PB kids-just to throw more ?? in the mix!

                                  2. Their 6 3/4 qt.Le Creuset risotto pots now are $99.99. This is an awesome pot and the perfect pot for braising. The smaller one is $79.99. Their All-Clad 6 qt. deep saute stainless pot is only $74.99, and the James Beard 4.5 qt. everything pan $89.99, and 3 qt. sauciers only $79.99 although those might be gone. I would put your credit towards any of those as they are all incredible values on lifetime cookware!

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                                      Where are you seeing these prices? I just checked the WS website and I do not see anything even close to the prices you are quoting for Le Creuset. It could be my mistake and I may be missing something, because if I can get them at those prices, I will jump on it today!

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                                        Well, get ready to jump!!! :-). Those prices are only in store. I would call ahead to check stock on them if you're not close by, as they have been understandably selling out!

                                    2. I'm not a big WS fan because most of their products are over priced common brands. I do like the smoked sweet paprika they carry and some of the sea salt. A new knife is always hard to resist.
                                      I purchased a 9 quart Le Creuset oval dutch oven at WS last summer for $275. A week later Costco had an 8 qt for $160. I don't find their cook ware to be a good buy even on sale.

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                                        I agree: overpriced cookware of the usual brands. BUT, there are fabulous deals to be had at sales. I bought a set of All-Clad: small saucepan and frying pan in January for $30. Crazy good deal, I think

                                      2. I just got a great set of mise en place glass bowls from WS, on sale. The set came with eight bowls, 2 different sizes and they stack. I love them, use them all the time, and keep them right on the shelf of my mobile kitchen island where they are always accessible.

                                        1. I had a $35 credit to spend at W-S right after Christmas. Husband had been wanting a tagine for a really long time. The Emile-Henry one was on clearance for $65 so my out of pocket cost ended up being $30 for it.

                                          I've also used GCs in the past towards an ice cream maker and a waffle maker.

                                          1. I would buy what is known as a "Salt-Pig", which is an easy access container for Fleur de sel. I use fleur de sel on everything because it makes food come alive, and the salt pig is a functional & decorative member of my kitchen counter! -Jet

                                            1. I bought a jar of beef demi glace with a 35 dollar WS gift certificate and had a year of killler beef stews and now it's an annual thing to ask for a jar of it for xmas.

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                                                Ginny, does it really last that long in the fridge or did you have to freeze it? Could you still scoop it out from the freezer? What brand did you get? Thanks!

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                                                  We kept it in the fridge through March-April and then popped it in the freezer.
                                                  They only carry one brand but you have a choice of chicken beef or veal.

                                                  1. re: sarah galvin

                                                    Sarah the Calgary store only sells a small portion of the food the US WS stores carry, although they have been carrying things like Turkey gravy around xmas/thanksgiving etc so they *might* have the demi glace but I'm not sure... If you're going to Chinook Centre just for that I'd call ahead to see if they're carrying it.

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                                                      I took a seasonal job for Christmas at W-S and they don't bring in demi glace, as far as I was told. Best time to buy turkey gravy is after American Thanksgiving and just before Christmas. It goes on sale. Check 'best before' dates and you can be sure a sale is coming if that date is near! Just some tips! Also, after a major seasonal event, check the sale table at the back of the store.

                                                2. there is a nice little set of 3 paring-type knives. kitchen scissors - wusthof come apart for washing. the tea towels are amazing

                                                  1. I'm sure it's overpriced, but it's the best finishing olive oil I've ever had.