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Jan 14, 2008 09:07 AM

Got a $35 gift card at William Sonoma, what should I get?


I've drooled over their catalogues, but never actually bought anything there. Any recs?


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  1. That depends... what are your interests? Do you grill/bake etc...??

    Off the top of my head (and I think for under $35 - but I shop in $Cdn):

    Discount christmas chocolate - the Peppermint Bark is delicious, so are the candies and the jar is a keeper.
    For grilling: button thermometers by Taylor, set of four 2 chicken 2 meat, handy when you have a crowd over and everyone likes their meat just so.
    For baking: A silpat if you don't have one already or any of their Professional series bakeware. I have their loaf pans and their square cake pan. Best stuff I've ever used. No more cheap non-stick for me :)
    And if you're going to try some new recipes maybe wait and see what shakes out in terms of the Homecooking Board's Cookbook for February and see if it's available at WS and get it? (probably not for under $35 but the gift card will at least make a dent in the price)
    If you like wine the Reidel glasses and carafe are carried at WS...although I think $35 might get you one glass.


    1. If you ever make candy or jelly, or do deep-frying, you might want to take a look at this digital oil and candy thermometer. It hurt to shell out $35 when I bought mine, but I'm so glad I did--it's far easier to use than my old glass one. And anyway, that's what I like about gift cards--I always try to buy something I wouldn't spend that much on otherwise.

      1. Pop-up sponges! Twenty or so years ago, I got a package among a gift, and I've kept some around ever since. I'm also quite fond of their linens, from dishtowels to tablecloths. Their sale prices on seasonal items can be great, and the salespeople, while sometimes terribly snooty, are well-trained and knowlegeable about the products they sell. Enjoy your shopping spree!

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          Yes those pop up sponges are sponges of the gods had they ever had to clean. You can put them in the dishwasher and they are perfect with bar keeper's friend for SS appliances. Oh how I love these!

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            If you are near a Trader Joe's, 12 pop up sponges are 5.99. Williams Sonoma charges 14.00.

          2. I'd get 4 boxes of Maldon salt, but that's just me... Eating it right now sprinkled on cold edaname - yummm!!

            1. They are having some great sales right now - I got a table runner yesterday that I had contemplated a while ago. I'm glad I waited - it was $24.99, marked down from $98!