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Jan 14, 2008 09:03 AM

Valentine's Day in MSP

Looking for the perfect V-Day dinner in the Twin Cities - preferably a multi-course with wine pairing. Already been to the following for V-Day:

La Belle Vie

All other recommendations greatly appreciated!

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  1. Not an identical request, but a similar one, with lots of replies here: May or may not be helpful to you. I thought I'd point it out in case you hadn't seen it.


    1. I'll also refer you to this thread about tasting menus:
      Admittedly, it's mostly my one post, but it's easier than retyping. Since it looks like you are willing to go high end, I'd suggest Fugaise, which definitely has a tasting menu.

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      1. re: bob s

        I'm considering Fugaise but am worried about the lack of atmosphere - someone compared it to a broom closet. Considering it's Valentine's Day, atmosphere is somewhat important. Does the quality of the food make-up for the lack of ambience?

        1. re: BatMan

          "Broom closet" isn't really fair. The room is of a decent size, and the tables have linen and nice silverware. The main drawback is the lack of windows. The subdued color scheme doesn't help. Otherwise, it's a comfortable enough place, reasonably elegant, and the food is topnotch.

          1. re: BatMan

            the space is not ideal but it is a pleasant room w high ceilings, beautiful tables and glassware, good service, spectacular food. no windows. . . go visit & check out the space before making a res. i think it's nice at fugaise but can take, leave or torch the artwork.

            the other big no-brainer would be alma. gosh i unabashedly love alma for all special occasions & given your nice list of past v-day dinners, Batman, would have to say you should not consider your list complete w/o alma.

            i will be working v-day, but if i were to go out for romantic dinner that night, i'd go to alma. if alma was full-up i'd go to fugaise, if it was my pick.

        2. How about Restaurant Alma? Top notch multi-course food. Very attentive experienced service.

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          1. re: karykat

            I did Alma on Valentine's Day two years ago (I think). They had a prix fixe and you could choose from a couple of items for each course.

            My problem (and this visit supported my "don't do fine dining on a holiday/special day" policy that we made an exception to) is that if I don't like the options on the prix fixe (or tasting menus), I like to be able to bail out and go with the standard menu. I wasn't all that intrigued with what was offered but was stuck as all they offered was the prix fixe.

            Maybe this is OK, but I wouldn't personally do it again if they still go with that format. Few things are as disappointing as going to a great restaurant and not being able to find anything you really want to eat. I would find a place that isn't doing anything different for the day and just enjoy a great restaurant as it always is.

            1. re: MSPD

              You're right, that is the gamble with a pre-set menu. My take is a bit different. I'm a creature of habit and tend to order the same types of dishes, rarely venturing beyond my comfort zone. The pre-set menu forces me eat things I normally wouldn't order. While there have been times this approach didn't pan out the greatest, most of the time I am quite surprised and amazed at food that doesn't sound good on paper but translates very well to the palate.

          2. I second the alma recommendation.

            I was at Chambers with chowhubby right after the holidays and while the food was good, the bill was huge.

            What about D'Amico Cucina? I've visited 2x in the past few months and the food and service were both outstanding.

            1. D'Amico Cuchina--was there the other night for the tasting dinner. With wine flight it's pricey, but I love it for special occasions.