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Jan 14, 2008 08:58 AM

Good Breakfast in OC?

It's hard to find a breakfast place like Square One in Orange County. I love a good homemade breakfast. So far the best I've had in Orange County is at Felix's in Orange and Filling Station in Orange (best oatmeal and wonderful cornmeal pancakes, homemade chocolate croissants).

Besides these two places is there any other good breakfast in Orange County?

(No Chain restaurants, like Pancake House.)

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  1. Plums Cafe in Costa Mesa is a good breakfast spot.

    I haven't been there in about a year or so, but last few times have been quite good.

    Long wait on the weekends.


    Plums Cafe
    369 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

    1. Plum's Cafe. The Dutch Baby pancake was by far the most memorable breakfast dish I've had in a long time.

      Plums Cafe
      369 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

      1. If I get comfort food for breakfast, its usually chicken fried steak and eggs at Johnny Reb's...yum.

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          I am so there. I went on a Friday off just to grub on it. Plums for fancy fare, and Rebs for serious grub.

        2. Side Street Cafe-Costa Mesa
          Wilma's-Balboa Island
          Omelette Parlor-Costa Mesa
          The Galley-Newport Beach

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          1. I love (!) the breakfasts at The Original Pancake House in Anaheim. The apple pancake is phenomenal, and the corn beef hash, dutch baby, and even just the standard eggs, etc. are all excellent. The only thing I don't like is the lines, which alas, can only be avoided by arriving early. I like this place so much I actually drive up from LA every couple of months for a Sunday breakfast. (I think the OPH has other stores in Orange County, but I can only vouch for the one in Anaheim.)

            Original Pancake House
            1418 E Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92805

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            1. re: David Kahn

              There's one in Redondo Beach, which may be a little closer for you. Lines form there, too. My only gripe is that their coffee isn't as good as everything else on the menu. Try the corned beef hash.

              1. re: David Kahn

                There are two: Anaheim, and then one in Yorba Linda. They're both madhouses.

                I like breakfast at the Jagerhaus. The service is slow, but the food is terrific and OMG that plum jam!!

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  Thanks for the tip, Das! I had breakfast there this morning and it was fantastic! Spaetzle and ham omlette was tasty, and the spaetzle had wonderful crispness to it. We also got some eggs with bacon.Man, that slab bacon is thick cut and perfectly cooked! My bf said you could taste the absence of preservatives in the jam, hehe.

                  1. re: groover808

                    Mmmmm... now I'm hungry for it! Glad you liked it.