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Good Breakfast in OC?

It's hard to find a breakfast place like Square One in Orange County. I love a good homemade breakfast. So far the best I've had in Orange County is at Felix's in Orange and Filling Station in Orange (best oatmeal and wonderful cornmeal pancakes, homemade chocolate croissants).

Besides these two places is there any other good breakfast in Orange County?

(No Chain restaurants, like Pancake House.)

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  1. Plums Cafe in Costa Mesa is a good breakfast spot.

    I haven't been there in about a year or so, but last few times have been quite good.

    Long wait on the weekends.


    Plums Cafe
    369 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

    1. Plum's Cafe. The Dutch Baby pancake was by far the most memorable breakfast dish I've had in a long time.

      Plums Cafe
      369 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

      1. If I get comfort food for breakfast, its usually chicken fried steak and eggs at Johnny Reb's...yum.

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          I am so there. I went on a Friday off just to grub on it. Plums for fancy fare, and Rebs for serious grub.

        2. Side Street Cafe-Costa Mesa
          Wilma's-Balboa Island
          Omelette Parlor-Costa Mesa
          The Galley-Newport Beach

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          1. I love (!) the breakfasts at The Original Pancake House in Anaheim. The apple pancake is phenomenal, and the corn beef hash, dutch baby, and even just the standard eggs, etc. are all excellent. The only thing I don't like is the lines, which alas, can only be avoided by arriving early. I like this place so much I actually drive up from LA every couple of months for a Sunday breakfast. (I think the OPH has other stores in Orange County, but I can only vouch for the one in Anaheim.)

            Original Pancake House
            1418 E Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92805

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              There's one in Redondo Beach, which may be a little closer for you. Lines form there, too. My only gripe is that their coffee isn't as good as everything else on the menu. Try the corned beef hash.

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                There are two: Anaheim, and then one in Yorba Linda. They're both madhouses.

                I like breakfast at the Jagerhaus. The service is slow, but the food is terrific and OMG that plum jam!!

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                  Thanks for the tip, Das! I had breakfast there this morning and it was fantastic! Spaetzle and ham omlette was tasty, and the spaetzle had wonderful crispness to it. We also got some eggs with bacon.Man, that slab bacon is thick cut and perfectly cooked! My bf said you could taste the absence of preservatives in the jam, hehe.

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                    Mmmmm... now I'm hungry for it! Glad you liked it.

              2. The Crow Bar in Corona Del Mar is now serving an awesome brunch on the weekends.

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                  Although it is quite far south, Ramos House Cafe is the most memorable and delicious breakfast I have had in OC. Many of the ingredients are homegrown and the atmosphere is just delicious!

                2. Plums and Haute Cakes in Costa Mesa (both on 17th street)

                  1. Plums has some of the best bacon I've had anywhere, ever.

                    1. Plums is great, but we also like to go to Sabatino's for Sunday Brunch. They have great egg dishes with their famous sausage and also free sausage w/ gravy on there great bread.

                      1. Ramos House in SJC is a given, but a wait too. BonJour Cafe in Dana Point is excellent

                        1. Another vote for Plums Cafe. Just had a terrific breakfast there last week, but the service was slow and not attentive.

                          1. Thank you all for your comments. Im going to try Plums and Bonjour Cafe very soon.

                            1. Am I the only ones that found Plums to be very mediocre? We ordered the campfire trout, and the crab and asparagus omelete. Both were bland, and nothing special.

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                                Thats sad to hear, do you have any recommendations pinkshch for breakfast in OC?

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                                  You are not the only one. I found the food to be just OK.

                                2. For a real treat, in an unexpected location, try Mollie's Country Kitchen. 27832 La Paz Rd in Laguna Niguel. They serve wonderful breakfasts including some of the best huevos rancheros around. Service is fast, friendly and the check when it comes is very reasonable.

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                                    I'm shocked and surprised that no one has commented on this superb breakfast spot. Or seconded it. Surely there's someone out there in OC who has eaten there.

                                  2. Put me down for Kimmie's Coffee Cup as a great neighbourhood b'fast location (I prefer the Brea location over the Fullerton one). Definitely not a destination restaurant, but if you can drive there in < 10 min, you might become a regular....

                                    Kimmies Coffee Cup
                                    770 S Brea Blvd Ste 115, Brea, CA 92821

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                                      OCAnn, I dig the sausage patty at Kimmies. The gravy is slightly bland, But all in all a really good breakfast. Come on Kimmies put some love in that gravy.

                                    2. Sorry to dig this one back up, but I'm interested in seeing Plum's getting so much love! They're just down the street from me. When we first ate breakfast there some years back I was truly excited to have such a great breakfast place in my neighborhood. As with anything good though, they just kept getting busier and busier and busier. I've been meaning to get back there, but the weekend crowd is tough to contend with. I also have a problem sitting in their ever-expanding "patio", which is basicaly on top of a crowded parking lot with a view of cars. I'd rather sit down for breakfast inside, preferably during the week when the crowds are light, but it's rare that opportunity ever comes up.

                                      R. Jason Coulston

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                                        Sounds like it's tie for them to open a second location and spread that love around a bit!

                                        1. re: Joani Macaroni

                                          They've been planning to expand for YEARS. Never seems to happen. The owner, Kim, is very cool.

                                      2. My new favourite continental style b'fast is @ Cream Pan in Tustin. I love their fresh sweet OJ, fresh earthy cup of coffee, and fresh baked everything! And b/c it's not too busy weekend mornings, it's a great quiet place to start the morning and to practice some Japanese.

                                        1. I know I've said this before.. and on this board, but I had breakfast at BonJour Cafe again this morning and was as always incredibly sated and pleased.


                                          1. In addition to those mentioned here already, I think the guys at Old Vine Cafe are doing one of the best breakfasts in O.C.

                                            Not eggs-and-bacon old school, but really good flavors on both the spicy/savory side (my favorite is the Mexican omelet—and I'd put their spicy breakfast potatoes up against anyone's) and the sweet stuff.

                                            It's in the Camp on Bristol. Try the sparking sake, if you're a Champagne brunch lover.


                                            And everyone raves about the breakfast and lunch only menu at Break of Dawn in Laguna Hills:

                                            ~Smoked Salmon: Oatmeal Galette, Herb Poached Egg, Marinated Tomato, Preserved Lemon-Caper Emulsion

                                            ~Pork: Shredded Barbeque, Jalapeno Corn Cake, Tropical Slaw and Two Eggs Tempura, Essence of Five Spices

                                            ~Beef: Falling off the Bone Short Rib, Taro Rice Cake, Merlot Poached Egg, Mushroom and Grape Ragout, Prickly Ash Pepper Jus

                                            ...and there's a great story involved. The chef/owner quit his job at one of the big S. County resorts to be closer to his ill son. The place closes at 3PM so he can take over caring for the boy (that's the gist; didn't go back and check specifics).

                                            Check it out.

                                            24351 Avenida de la Carlota
                                            Laguna Hills

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                                            1. re: kedric

                                              +1 on Break of Dawn. Get the Creme Brulee French Toast... just bring some insulin along.

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                                                Don't forget the tempura fried egg either. Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmm good. Celebrated my birthday brunch there.

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                                                  wow, i almost forgot about break of dawn. i've only been there once because of the distance but i've been dying to go back. the food is solid there.

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                                                    One more fan of Break of Dawn. The potato skillet will be the ONLY meal you need all day. Tasty, hearty, filling.... The restaurant was featured in the Westways magazine and service suffered for a while as the hordes descended upon it. It's back to normal now. Closed Mondays...

                                                  2. The Galley in Newport Beach.

                                                    Old school diner vibe. Small, locals only kinda place. Cheap and good.

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                                                      In Fountain Valley there are two GREAT coffee shops on opposite corners at Warner & Buchard..... Paul's Coffee Shop and Mel's Diner.

                                                      1. re: janetms383

                                                        I've been to Pauls but didn't know about Mel's Diner. Could you tell me what is good there?

                                                    2. Since this thread is reawakened, I'll add Zov's to the list. Good frittatas, omelete, bagels w/house smoked salmon. I don't care for potatoes, but their hash browns were delightedly different and flavourful.

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                                                      1. re: OCAnn

                                                        Yep, Break of Dawn is pretty awesome, if heavy, fine dining for breakfast. Where else serves a supremely satisfying shredded duck and egg dish.

                                                        In Orange, relatively recently an outpost of Originial Pancake House opened up on Chapman ave, east of Tustin Ave

                                                        Ramos House Cafe is always pretty good and interesting as well as Plum's Cafe, for some reason i really like their dainty sandwiches with a balsamic dressed strawberry salad. good stuff.

                                                        1. re: kevin

                                                          I must be one of the few who isn't a fan of the Ramos House Cafe; I find it to be just okay and not worth the drive.

                                                      2. In case you missed it posted under other topics, here's a nice little place that has good, homey and healthy food (and friendly service) for breakfast or lunch - The Good Day Cafe in Huntington Beach. Cafe is at 4911 Warner (west of Bolsa Chica, 714-625-4300) at Green St. They have several tables outside and more inside. "Pets Welcome on the Patio" and the take-away menu says "Ask to see our Dog Menu." We didn't see any pooches that morning, but did hear a waitress inquire of a local customer about her doggie.

                                                        Decor is a homey tribute to Hawaii, and the menu includes a "Hawaiian Hula French Toast" selection. Belgian waffles, Steel-cut oatmeal, and "Elvis Pan Cakes" with peanut butter, banana, and honey in the batter are also available. But the cooking staff must be multi-cultural, since the menu offers a wide vaiety of options, such as Mexi-Terranean wrap, Black Forrest wrap, Teriyaki rice bowls (one with tofu), a Greek omlette, Fajita omlette, quesadillas, Eggs Benedict, even something called a "Moco Loco."

                                                        There's lots of "healthy" stuff - black beans, salads, soup and sandwich combos and lunch wraps. Lots of beverage selections (no alcohol can be served on the patio, though) and fruit smoothies.

                                                        We loved the Italian Scramble and the Meat Lover's Scramble. The food is fresh, delicious, reasonable, generous portions; the staff is very friendly, and cafe is clean. We'll be back soon!

                                                        Good Day Cafe
                                                        4911 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649