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Jan 14, 2008 08:51 AM

Dinner Sat. in DC not RW-related

We will be visiting from Philly and going out to dinner this Saturday. Had considered Kinkead's, Taberna del Alabardero, and an Austrian place we were once at in Georgetown. We have no desire to participate in restaurant week menus etc. Any recommendations?

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  1. If you want to avoid Restaurant Week, go to places that are not particpating or at the meal that is not included. Kinkead's isn't participating for dinner. I would also suggest Palena or, if you can get in, Restaurant Eve in Old Town.

    1. Philly Chowhounds were awesome to us back in October so I'd really like to help, but I need a little more information (location, price, cuisine). FYI- Kinkead's and Taberna aren't what they used to be. For good fish, try Hook in Georgetown.

      For a special/fancy saturday night out in DC:
      1. Citronelle
      2. The Source
      3. Tosca
      4. City Zen
      5. Blue Duck Tavern
      6. Steak houses(Old & New): Charlie Palmer, BLT, Prime Rib, Capital Grille.

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        Since when is Kinkead's not what it used to be? My recent meals there, and several other's who I know and trust, have enjoyed excellent food and outstanding service, maybe not as original to us as it once was (ie pepito crusted salmon), but certainly just as delicious, with Bob still in the kitchen.

      2. Do you have a price range and preference of type of food.

        Without knowing the details I would suggest trying to get a reservation at Palena, Hook (they are only doing RW for lunch), or Brasserie Beck.

        1. I have a few places in mind:
          - Nora
          - Brasserie Beck
          - Zatyina
          - DC Coast

          Some of them are participating and some aren't, but all of them are really very good. If you have more details perhaps we could be more a little more helpful ...

          1. Price is not a big factor. We'll be staying at the Mandarin Oriental in SW, but meeting a friend who lives in Georgetown and didn't expect to eat near the hotel. My husband was at Kinkead's fairly recently and still liked it. We haven't been to Taberna in ages, and from reviews I read here, RW probably not the time for a revisit.