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Jan 14, 2008 08:30 AM

Sandwiches in Horsham/Hatboro/Willow Grove

I'm looking for a good sandwich spot (hoagies/cheesesteaks) in the Horsham/Hatboro/Willow Grove Area. Having lived one block from Sarcone's Deli in South Philly, I've learned exactly how great a really GOOD sandwich can be, and I just can't seem to find anything that even comes close in the "burbs". Any suggestions?

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  1. For cheesesteaks and hoagies, definitely try Silvio's in Hatboro. It's right off the main drag, across from Wawa. They bake their own rolls and everything.

    Get a sausage, egg and provolone sandwich there - it might change your life ;) They make the sausage too... I could go for one right now...

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      Silvio's is a nice suggestion.

      I'm a big fan of Steak and Hoagie Factory (they also bake their own bread). I wish they would open one in the Valley Forge area.

    2. Ralph's on York Road in Willow Grove/Upper Moreland has very good hoagies (never had a cheesesteak from there) and they make a mean roast pork with greens and provolone -- and they have great rolls. It's only a counter so you can't sit down and eat in there, but the food is great.

      1. I agree with the previous posts about Silvio's in Hatboro. It is very good. They make a very good cheesesteak hoagie as well as all other varieties of hoagies you can think of.

        I have two other suggestions in addition to Silvio's:

        Sam's Italian Market at 2500 Moreland Road in Willow Grove (Right on Route 63) Sam's is better known for their Italian specialty foods, but they make a very good hoagie as well. They do not make any hot sandwiches such as cheesesteaks though.

        Altomonte's at 85 York Road in Warminster (Very close to Hatboro). They make hot and cold sandwiches at Altomonte's ranging from standard hoagies to hot roast beef/roast pork/chicken cutlet sandwiches. I would recommend the chicken cutlet with roasted peppers and sharp provolone.

        One word of caution, though. These three places above are three of the best in that area, in my opinion, but are not near the level you might be accustomed to as Sarcone's fan. If you want to get a hoagie or cheesesteak that is as good as what you might find in South Philly, you would have to travel down to Northeast Philadelphia, where you'll find Steve's Prince of Steaks for cheesesteaks as well as at least a half dozen excellent hoagie shops. But, the three places above are as good as it gets in the burbs.

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          I agree with YoccosFan about Silvios and Altomontes. Altomontes bakes their own bread.

          There is a Primo's on York Rd. just north of County Line Rd. I understand that all Primos franchises are required to obtain their bread from Sarcone's

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            They don't call me Mr. GPS for nothing, Primo's is actually just south of County Line Road.

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            Sam's Italian Market has the best tomato pie that side of marchianno's in Manayunk

          3. Silvio's hoagies are as good as any in the city (I'm sure I'll get some arguements). They were my favorite until discovered Salumeria in the Reading Terminal Market. Yum. Silvio's is right up there. I grew up in Doylestown and used to make special trips just for Silvio's hoagies. Not as fond of their cheesesteaks though.

            Altomonte's has very good sandwiches also.

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              For a little bit of a different type of sandwich, drive to Telford to Vietnam Cafe, and get yourself some bahn mi. (And while you are at it, a nice big bowl of Pho).

            2. Good News! Sarcone's Deli in South Philly is now franchising in PA, NJ and DE. Keep an eye out, I know the Horsham/Hatboro/Willow Grove Area would be a great area to have one.