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Jan 14, 2008 08:28 AM

Looking for great brunch - Washington DC

Hi everyone! My friends and I meet up for a "supper club" every month... next month, we are planning on doing brunch instead. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for their favorite brunch places in DC. So far, I've been to Georgia Brown's, Creme, Hook, Bread & Chocolate... Metro accessible is preferable - also, if you know if they take reservations, that would be very helpful too.


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  1. Bistro Bis is the answer to your question! They brunch is delicious and it's the perfect place to meet up with a group of friends. Certainly quieter then Georgia Browns and the quality far surpases many other brunch menus in the area.

    I don't know if they always have it, but in the past they have had a $25 or $30 3-course pre-fix brunch with an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

    The staff is very friendly and doesn't rush you along at all. My bf and I have spent a long time lounging, eating brunch, drinking coffee, and reading the entire Post and NYT on a Sunday afternoon there. Very enjoyable. It's metro accessible (Union Station) and they take reservations on

    Other places to consider would be Hank's Oyster Bar, Tabard Inn, Dupont Grille, and Bourban.

    1. Fire Fly near dupont circle has a nice brunch special Sat and Sun.

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        The Tabard Inn near Dupont circle has a great brunch - just make sure you make your reservations early. It fills up fast!

      2. Poste- it is normally pretty quiet for brunch since the space is so large so you could talk and the food is great. And I didn't think the menu was very expensive when we went.

        1. Thanks for all your suggestions so far! I've compiled quite a list from others too - any feedback on these?

          Beacon Bar & Grill (Scott Circle):
          Bistro Bis (Capitol Hill):
          Colorado Kitchen
          Creme (U Street):
          Dupont Grille (Dupont):
          Hook (Georgetown):
          Hudson's (Dupont):
          Meze (Adams Morgan):
          Poste (Penn Quarter):
          Tabard Inn (Dupont):

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            The only two of those I have been to for brunch were Poste and Bistro Bis, both excellent. I have been hoping to try Hook's brunch, but haven't yet.