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Jan 14, 2008 08:28 AM

COLUMBUS, OH-Any good meeting suggestions...

for a book club (usually about 15-25 people). We have tried several places that either could not accommodate our group or had horrible service.

-McFadden's was GREAT!!! for a happy hour but not exactly the place for a book discussion due to the noise.
-Starbucks on High Street-Short North (across the street from MoJoe's) was so gracious to allow us to come in and rearrange their furniture due to MoJoe's "losing" our reservation.

-Buca di Beppo (arena district) had the room but horrible service.
-MoJoe's "lost" our reservation (or decided the bigger party of 33 was more lucrative and bumped us) resulting in a last minute rush (I had about 10 minutes) to find a place for 20 people.
-Don Pablo's (Lennox) had HORRIBLE service -our food came about an hour after ordering.

We really are not picky but have had some bad experiences. I know there must be some other great places and am looking forward to any suggestions.

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  1. Both Barley's, the Smokehouse and the Original have rooms that can be used, but the Smokehouse is much larger and you might not have to use the room on the right night, and the parking is free - those are the first places that come to mind

    1. The Persnickety Cottage & Tea Room would be a cute place to have a luncheon book club meeting. We used to do our DDs Bday parties there. You book the table in advance and they serve finger sandwiches, fruits, tea, desserts. It's in downtown Westerville on Home St., which is cute by itself. They were always very good about honoring our reservation. It's been a few years since we have been there, probably in the neighborhood of $10-15 pp.

      1. You might want to give Brazenhead a try. There are a few rooms that could accomodate a largeish number of people and be conducive to conversation. King Avenue Five can accomodate that number of people and is small enough that conversation could still be possible. Byrne's is supposed to be a good place to hang out, although I believe they only have pizza from Grandpa's next door. Definately second the Barley's rec.

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          Byrne's is a fun bar to hang out in, but NOT a place for a book club. It's very "college dive bar." While it's very quiet during the day, I really wouldn't suggest it at all for that type of event. (If you want some great Irish music though, keep an eye on their live band list - lots of great ones!)

          I would definately second the King Ave Five. It's a great place to hang out with a really diverse menu, decent wine list, and great service. Just don't go during a Buckeye basketball game (or football game, once the season starts up again.) Place gets PACKED.

        2. The County Cork in Hilliard is quite nice. They are located in a charming historical building and have private dining available upstairs which would be perfect for book discussion. They could easily accomodate your group. The food is delicious and chef is top notch. They have both lunch and dinner selections.