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Jan 14, 2008 08:26 AM

Really really good french bread?

Where can I find a really good authentic french baguette? (to purchase to go) I'll drive anywhere if it's the real deal!

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  1. Pastries by Randolph in NOVA has great french pastries. I can't remember their baquettes per se, but it is where I have found the closest croissants to authentic croissants.

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      I can testify that the baguettes at Pastries by Randolph are excellent.

      Pastries By Randolph
      4500 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA

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        go next door to arrowine and get the baguette from firehook bakery (by the cheese counter).

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        Even though I hit up PbR frequently for pastries, I've never had their baguettes. A few stores up, though, is Parisien Express, which has phenomenal baguettes.

      3. The baguette's at Firehook are very good. I bought a baguette at Atwaters (Dupont Market) and it was dissappointing comparatively. The Paisan (I believe) is sold at area Whole Foods too. No needs to go far away!


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          Is "paisan" a brand that makes baguettes? I'll check out whole foods today to see if they have them.

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            Fireook makes what's called a Paisan loaf- a baguette. In the bread/bakery section at Whole Foods and of course area location of Firehook.

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                Darn they didn't have it.

                Keep those suggestions coming!!

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            Plus, at Firehook, all the breads are reduced in price after 5 pm! I think the $4 become $2, not sure about the baguettes though.

          3. while it is not firehook, i have found that harris teeter has a pretty darn good bakery for breads. their baguette is more than serviceable: crusty exterior, soft interior (if a little on the large side). excellent with that nice lurpak butter sold nearby!

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              HT breads are fantastic! I recently received a chocolate cherry loaf from my (very nice) neighbor and it was sooooo good. I have to go back for another...

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                monavano, also try the cranberry walnut bread! dense, just a wee bit sweet, with nicely acidic (but not too tart) cranberry pieces and large, savory, and fresh walnut pieces. toasted.....mmmmmm mmmm good! sinful with unsweetened butter!

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                  Breadline-- on Penn and 19th or 20th, forget which -- they also sell their bread at Cowgirl Cheeses on F Street.

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                    Does Breadline do its own bread or still use Marvelous Market product? They were both started by Furstenberg although he's sold his interest in both. Looks the same.

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                      Breadline's on Penn between 17th and 18th. BL and Marvelous Market are the two best in the area . . . crusty exterior and fine, flavorful/breadlike interior. Both are the real deal. BL also available at Snider's in Silve Spring.

              2. Bonaparte sells incredible bread as well as pastries. They sell at the Dupont farmers market and perhaps other farmers markets around town...not sure if it's available in the winter though...

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                  Bonaparte's bread is great! I used to work there so I might be a bit partial, but it was a great introduction to great bread.

                  They have a location in Savage, MD (where they make the bread) and a location in Baltimore in Fells Point (where they make the pastries!).