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Jan 14, 2008 08:24 AM

Westwood dinner

i want to take my girlfriend out for dinner on Tuesday nite in Westwood before the David Sedaris show at UCLA. Palominos and Napa are possibilities but, but i'm trying to get other options. i was thinking of that small Italian place on the North-West corner of Westwood a few blocks south of Wilshire (the name escapes me) or maybe the new Pitfire Pizza furhter South on Westwood. Does anybody have any suggestions, or any experience with either Pitfire or the little Italian place? Thanks!

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  1. Tanino! It might be pretty dead on a Tuesday night, if you care about that. Regardless, it's always my #1 choice in Westwood - the food and service are both excellent.

    1. South of the Village on Westwood Blvd. are Sprazzo (we go here pretty frequently) and Pomodoro (others on the board have recommended it many times - we went twice and ended up back at Sprazzo). Both of these places are basically across the street from Borders Books.

      1. I love Pomodory; better than Sprazzo..... Pitfire is very good; but definitely way more casual... they have a great pasta bolognese

        1. Since you would be eating fairly early before the show, you may want to try the happy hour offerings at Palomino in the bar area. Pizzas from their woodburning oven are all $5, and bar food appetizers are all half-price, about $6-7 down from the low teens. Fried calamari, a shrimp dish, and a number of other options. The bar area is upscale and comfortable, you could easily get a table for two near the windows, and the place is frequented by officeworkers much more than students.

          Shamshiri is my favorite for Persian food, on the east side of Westwood Blvd. not far north of Santa Monica Blvd. Good kabobs, excellent koobideh, I like their chicken shawarma better than the beef, good shirazi salad and freshmade flatbread. Very generous portions at reasonable prices.

          In Westwood Village itself, my favorite is Thai House, on Gayley across from the Whole Foods. Decor, service, and ambiance are much nicer than other inexpensive places around there. I particularly like their mee krob as a starter and the yellow curry.

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            chiming in on palomino's. even though they are a chain, i find myself going back to palomino's for two things:

            1. first seating deal: 3 course prix fixe dinner w/ drink for $20. you will need to be seated before 6pm.
            2. HH. i go to the late HH that starts at 10pm till close. the pizzas are quite good for $5. i also enjoy the calamari, the mussels and the clams.

            HH at palomino's is hectic though.

            1. re: wilafur

              The early happy hour at Palomino can be a bit crowded and crazy on a Friday, maybe a Thursday. But I've never experienced a crowded or hectic situation there early in the week. Thanks for the info about the early prix fixe dinner before 6 -- gosh, that's a better deal than even the happy hour.

          2. there is way better than Pitfire to be had