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Jan 14, 2008 08:17 AM

All-day breakfast UWS?

What are the best places that serve all-day breakfast on the upper west side? thanks!

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  1. I can't say it's "the best" but I believe you can get all-day/night breakfasts at Westside Diner. (unless they changed it)

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      You might want to try Barney Greengrass, Popover Cafe, Good Enough to Eat or Sarabeth's.

      1. Viand is my fave diner for all day B Fast on the UWS.

        1. Do you mean a 24-hour "all day"? Or just a regular, breakfast-through-dinner one?

          For the former, I can only think of Tom's Diner, and it's not the best by far. Unless... is Big Nick's open 24/7? 'Cause it's actually pretty tasty.

          For the latter, I second Popover Café (though it's a little gimmicky) and I'll throw in Utopia.

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            french roast and manhattan diner . both are open 24 hours and have a number of breakfast items on the menu all day. food is good.

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              big nick's is indeed open all the time and you can get breakfast, about on par w/the diners quality wise. I believe you can get the brunch items at Fairway Cafe until dinnertime. the diner at 72 & west end -- forgetting the name oh wait Pier 72 -- has good buckwheat pancakes tho they run out early. this place is better than it looks.

              fwiw French Roast despite its apparent popularity serves the worst pancakes i've ever eaten, like inflated dishrags.

              1. re: mcoleman

                The diner on the corner of 72nd St and Westend is a skip. I've eaten there 2x. Both times I found the food utterly tasteless. Once they served me raw pancakes--literally oozing batter. I told the waitress and she actually looked annoyed at me. While my undercooked food was replaced, it wasn't even tasty and it wasn't done with a smile. This place is very skippable. There's much better breakfast food in the neighborhood--many of which have already been mention in this thread.

                1. re: mcoleman

                  I don't like FR either, and I find it totally overpriced.

              2. I think the only places that serve breakfast items all day are diners -- Manhattan Diner is OK. Good Enough to Eat serves brunch until maybe 3 on the weekends, and so do some of the other places (EJ's, Sarabeth's) I think. But only on weekends.