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Incredible dinner at Del Posto

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My wife and I spent our last night in NYC dining at Del Posto. The meal was incredible. We decided to do the 5 course menu for $95/person, which I was surprised to see. I had only heard about the $150 grand tasting menu, which I really didn't want to shell out the bucks for. At our arrival, we were seated and this gentleman by the name of George came over to proceed to heckle me for looking so stressed. I had been in training all week and was probably showing it, but this guy was annoying me. Well, by the end of the night, George was our best friend and was a big reason for our enjoyment. He turned out to be our waiter for the evening and had a great time chatting with him about our food and about life in general. On to the food. I started with the Salumi antipasto which was very good. The highlights being a rabbit sausage and a hot, Italian pepper stuffed with ham and fresh mozzarella. My wife had a poached lobster with cauliflower custard that was decent. Our first pasta dish was the carrot ravioli with roasted pistachios. It was good, but burned the hell out of my mouth. The 2nd, incredibly delicious pasta was "ear shaped" orrechitoni (sp?) with lamb neck ragu. Absolutely delicious! For our main course we decided to share the monk fish. It was roasted on the bone and then finished off with a whole black truffle shaved on top. We could, along with a couple other tables, smell the truffle as it was brought to our table. The fish was perfectly cooked. The only downside was my dessert. I ordered the chocolate souffl├ęs with espresso ice cream. It wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. The souffl├ęs didn't have much tasted and the ice cream was so-so. My wife had the lemon dessert which had lemon custard, sorbet, and pie. That was really good. All in all I'd give the meal an A. It was extremely good with very attentive wait staff and an excellent and friendly waiter named George.

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  1. Hi sbouldin,

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Del Posto. I also LOVE that orecchiette dish, and the one I had was with lamb neck ragu and fava beans. It was absolutely fabulous! If you are going next time, I highly recommend their gnocchi. Their gnocchi, together with Babbo's, is what I considered as the best in town!