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Jan 14, 2008 07:56 AM

What Should I Order at Corduroy??

Hey All,

I'll be dining at Corduroy tonight for Restaurant Week. I've never been but having been wanting to try it for a couple of years now.

I know they offer their full menu and I've heard great things about their scallops, but are there any other stand out dishes that might be on their winter menu that I should keep in mind....appetizers, entrees or desserts?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. I second this question! I am going for lunch this week for RW too... any thoughts?

    1. I've only eaten at the bar but the cheese plate was great there.

      1. I loved their seared tuna entree... it was the best that I have ever had I believe. Seasame crusted, on a bed of sushi-rice. Very, very well-flavored. As for apps, the oysters were quite good as well as the lobster carpaccio. For dessert, skip the chocolate molten cake.

        1. I loved the goat cheese app during RW, wasn't big on the soft shell crab even though I really like soft shell crabs, something about it just didn't wow me.

          1. I'm not sure what's on the menu right now, but if they have pork belly, it's a must.

            And Chef Power is a master of all things soup, so that's never a bad choice for a starter.

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              1. re: DanielK

                Definitely the pork belly, in whatever incarnation is happening this week. I've also enjoyed the lobster carpaccio and the scallop/chardonnay dish. The only thing I've ever had at Corduroy that I've been luke-warm to is the mozerella porcupine. It was just fine, and sort of plain.

                For dessert, his "kit-kat" is very good as is the cheese plate.

                Honestly, my only complaint about Corduroy is that they don't really change their menu often.

                1. re: reiflame

                  I was a scallop fan for along time and still am, but the tuna and the roast chicken are exceptional as well. I remember thinking the tuna was unique and peppery and fabulous. The roast chicken is simply the best I've had anywhere. Oh and soups are a must.