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Jan 14, 2008 07:54 AM

Small Bites Birthday Meal

Sweetie says he wants small bites for his birthday dinner - all things you eat with fingers or chopsticks, nothing that requires last minute preparation so that we can relax over a bottle of wine and the food. Its just the two of us for this dinner so we won't need too much. I've got some ideas but I know that y'all will be able to give me some new ones. Thanks!

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  1. Hi AlaskaChick, What about fondue or Raclette? We also like artichokes with curry mayo. Or steam a lobster and share it with melted butter.

    1. Grape truffles - grapes enrobed in blue and goat cheese and rolled in pistachios
      Thai beef salad in cucumber cups - spicy tenderloin with thai seasoning
      Shrimp poached in beer, garlic, onion and lime juice
      Mahogany wings
      Crab stuffed mushrooms
      Chicken bites marinated in hoisin, soy sauce, sesame oil, top w/ slivered green onions
      Dates stuffed goat cheese and wrapped in pancetta
      Mini turkey burgers with dijon aioli

      Have fun!

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      1. Gee AC, I saw your post earlier today and thought you'd have a lot of responses by now. I wanted to give others a chance to post their suggestion before I hit you with mine. The reason I waited is that we do small bites or what I refer to as "Happy Hour" dinner often on Friday evenings. We really enjoy this style, leaving us time to have a cocktail, and then eat at our leisure and watch a good movie.

        You didn't say if you wanted to stick with one Cuisine or if you were mixing it up. Here are a few of my favorites for Chinese/Asian and the another for Italian night.

        We have so much fun holding our own private cocktail hour. You might like as well, and it might become a ritual for you and your sweetie! I like to surprise my husband since this is really a favorite thing of his to do.

        Chinese which is my FAVORITE: Cocktail is Singapore Slings or Lychee-tinis
        I will do between 4 and 5 of these appetizers and a dessert.

        Char Sui with dipping hot mustard and plum sauce –favorite
        Scallion pancake
        Shu Mei - pork & shrimp
        Shrimp - Coconut prawns with dipper sauce or
        Sweet chili lime prawns grilled on sticks with dipping sauce
        Chicken pops - push the meat down with knife it will form a ball, and serve with dipping sauce.
        Oyster wings
        Small bbq pork buns
        Egg or spring rolls
        Rice paper rolls with veggies and or shrimp -dipping sauces
        Chinese Ravioli
        Small shrimp or crab egg fu yung with sauce
        Small custards with pork and shrimp/crab/green onion
        dessert crazy coconut pie

        Lemon Drop martini
        zuchinni rounds with garlicky ricotta and parm
        Caprese Salad
        Lamb lollipops
        Italian wings
        Italian stuffed mushrooms with prosciutto,parm, fontina, mozzerella garlic and fresh spinach
        spumoni ice cream and cookies

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        1. re: chef chicklet

          Chef, could you elaborate on the Chicken pops? I'm not sure I understand.

          1. re: danhole

            Sure it is the drummie part of the wing, you cut the meat down and push it towards the end so that it looks like a lolli pop or tree (cleaning and scraping the bone. Batter made with cornstarch so they are crispy, then deep fry for about 5 minutes, drain salt, dip in a plum sauce or sweet chili sauce or hot mustard. Eat hot. YUM.

              1. re: danhole

                oops Danhole, it is the other part of the wing. Sorry, I knew better than that, I learned to do these in Chinese cooking class about 15 years ago. It is the "arm" part?? the are two bones and tendon and meat that connect, you remove one bone, it then makes it look like the drummy piece. Push the meat and all down the bone, and then you get the lollipop look. Its a little bit of work, but really a nice item to serve as an appetizer..

                1. re: chef chicklet

                  We call that the "flapper"! Now I am more confused. Maybe you need to make some and take a photo! Skin on or off? How do you get it to curl up?

                  1. re: danhole

                    I'm sorry, well you know with the wing, there are three parts.
                    So I don't know what "flapper" means to you.

                    With a sharp knife cut around the bond of the wing part that has 2 bones. Cut at the small end, through the skin and the muscle, then pull the meat and the skin down the bone toward the larger end. This makes a little ball of meat on the end of the stick or bone.
                    You can marinate the wings, or use a batter, either way they are so delicious and attractive. Use any of your favorite dipping sauces.. I like to batter mine, so they are crunchy and then dip in different sauces. Like the perfect amuse bouche!
                    A little extra work but well worth it, and so much nicer to eat than trying to get the meat our from in between those two bones, and be dainty about it.
                    I'd be happy to make them and photo, but right now we are dieting, but perhaps for the super bowl party?

                    1. re: chef chicklet

                      Out of the 3 parts of the wing you have the tip, and that is connected to the flat piece, together that is a flapper, but of course I would discard the tip. Then that is that is connected to the drummette. My DH is a big fan of chicken wings and frequents Wing Stop type places, so that is where we picked up the terminology. He orders flats or flappers only, depending on the location.

                      So you remove the smaller of the 2 bones, correct? It sounds very good, and if you make them for Super Bowl, please post a photo.


        2. Y'all made me think that part of the reason he wants to do this is because its what we used to do with a group of friends - they outlawed "happy hour" here so we decided when happy hour was outlawed - outlaws will continue to have happy hour. Well at least until divorce, illness, and relocation took its toll on the group. Our "couple" tradition is Sat nite cocktails/steak/movie/popcorn&champagne but we may have to add a happy hour nite too. So keep the ideas coming!

          1. A report back -

            Loved the artichoke idea - I guess I didn't think about it since artichokes aren't really "in season" here but was able to locate that. And the grape "truffles" were a big hit. So the menu was:

            Champagne and red wine
            Cheese plate
            Artichoke with dipping sauces
            Petit beef en croute with dipping sauce
            Mini antipasto skewers
            Fig and mascarpone wrapped in salami (I think I'll do this with proscuitto next time)
            Grape truffles - I used gorgonzola and mascarpone
            Cookies, chocolates and port

            Thanks all for the great ideas! I'll be using more of them in the future.

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            1. re: AlaskaChick

              Sounds like a great spread! Wish I was there!