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Jun 19, 2001 12:53 PM

Ma Dong Gook Soo

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Prompted by Tom Armitage's recent post, I ate last night here at one of my favorite Asian noodle shops in the city. If slurpin' noodles is your thing, this is about as good as it gets -- elegantly simple. The hand-thrown noodles, gook soo, are silkenly lovely, whether with anchovy for zip or the mild chicken. A delicate version of soba noodles is also a treat. Even hounds need an occasional reminder of low-radar joints like this one, on Western at San Marino (near Olympic).

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  1. Too funny. Also prompted by that post, I hit MDGS for lunch today. I've only had Korean food a couple times before, so I'm no expert (in fact, the nice man at the table next to me had to explain the condiments...god bless those kind souls), but the food was wonderful. And painfully cheap. I had the first gook soo item on the menu, noodles with chicken and green onions; the noodles were about as perfect as noodles can get and the soup overall was wonderful. Plus, we got coffee chewing gum with our check. Cha ching.

    Just about everyone else there was diving into noodles in a milky broth...based on that dearth of info can anyone tell me what that is?

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    1. re: Lisa Bee

      That soup was probably Suhl Lang Tang. A beef based white broth that arrives at your table really bland. You get rock salt to season to your liking. I'm Korean, but never acquired a taste for it growing up.

      If it had noodles, it could also have been Kahl Gook Soo, which also has an opaque white broth.

      1. re: sunnyla

        What makes it opaque?

        1. re: sunnyla

          Yes, the man next me ordered Suhl Lang Tang - I noticed the cannister of rock salt. But it was the noodle dish, the Kahl Gook Soo, that I was intrigued by. Is it as good as it looks?

          1. re: Lisa Bee

            You should definitely give the Kahl Gook Soo a try. I like it better than Suhl Lang Tang.

            To (not)answer LBQT, I don't know what makes the broth opaque. It may be the bone marrow of the beef bones?? Sorry, I'm not sure.