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Jan 14, 2008 07:14 AM

Luquillo area restaurant

We have rented a luxury condo in this area and would like some great restaurants to try. The 6 of us have gourmet tastes and like good quality food and great service. Any suggestions?

We would also like to try some moderately priced places with good food as well. This will be our first trip staying in Puerto Rico.

We have been to The Parrot Club in OSJ and enjoyed lunch there on a couple of occasions.

Thanks for the advice,


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  1. I don't know if you will have any transportation, but most of the fine dining restaurants are located closer to the San Juan Metro area, if you have a car, you should try out Augusto's Restaurant in Miramar located at the Marriott Courtyard, it is the top restaurant in PR, it is not cheap, but the food and the service are excellent. There are also many other restaurants in OSJ near The Parrot Club that are also worth checking out, Marmalade, Taste Global Cuisine, Dragonfly...In Condado there are Ramiro's which is also a fine dining experience with very good spanish food...Buddatai is also a good choice in the Condado area...

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      We will have a car. Thanks for the suggestions.


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        Second that Ramiro's rec. Excellent place. A little on the formal side, dress wise.

    2. The best restaurant in San Juan...Pikayo...located in the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico...excellent cuisine...the place to be seen.....a real pleasure to the tastebuds...dress chic...