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New Canton Restaurant - Sauté?

We live on Hudson St in the Canton area of Baltimore and noticed that a corner restaurant/bar that has been under construction for some time finally put up a sign indicating that it will be called "Sauté", and they are currently hiring. Does anyone know anything about this place? Unsurprisingly, a google search for a restaurant called "Sauté" in Baltimore doesn't turn up anything very specific. We're curious as it's less than a block away from our house!

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  1. Is this on the corner and Hudson and Linwood. We used to live about 5 houses away on Hudson. That place has taken forever to open.

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      Yep. That's the one. 3 stories, dark brown brick and fairly long. I just drove by it this afternoon on the off chance that they might have a menu or the like posted and no such luck. They're doing the usual Canton mix of restaurant and bar, so god only knows how this is going to turn out.

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        I live about 8 houses away, so I'm not sure if I should be excited or afraid. I previously lived across the street from Salt, which was an interesting experience.

        I drive by every day, so I'll keep an eye out and see if they put up any more information.

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          On the corner of Hudson and what?

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              Doing some internet detective-ing yielded some info about Cyrus, the chef (owner?) and a bit about saute:

              "Chef Cyrus Keefer is opening his new restaurant, Sauté in Canton, Maryland in early 2008. Chef Keefer has had a long on-going affair with food and the restaurant industry Sauté will be a American brasserie style of cuisine, utilizing fresh produce and products from Maryland farmers.

              Chef Cyrus Keefer trained at Philadelphia’s prestigious Walnut Hill College Restaurant School, where he trained under many of the world’s finest chefs. Keefer has helped launch several outstanding restaurants in the Delaware shore area, and has been featured in national publications and television programs. Prior to Sauté, Chef Keefer owned and operated Jackie Blue in Harrisburg Pa. and was a chef owner of DISH! Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Chef Keefer also helped Chef Kevin Reading at Espuma in Rehoboth Beach and was the opening chef at Reading’s next project, Nage, also located in Rehoboth Beach.

              Sauté, Canton, MD"

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                Well now. That does sound promising.

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                  Exciting! Your google skills surpass mine. Thank you!

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                    Why can't these kinds of restaurants -- Salt, Jack's, Woodberry, this -- open in Federal Hill?

                    1. re: sweetpotater

                      We have so precious little in the way of restaurants in Hampden, I wish they had all and not just Woodberry opened there!

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                    A respected Hound from Harrisburg tells me that Jackie Blue had really good food. This does sound promising.

        2. Its about time this place is opening up. I live on kenwood and have been wondering how long (if ever) it was gonna take to open. Lets all hope it doesn't turn out to be another crappy "american brasserie" thats just and excuse to feed jager bombs to towson students. Hopefully it'll have good food and then hudson street cafe will open up finally and be decent as well.

          1. An update for those that are interested - I drove by today and they have all of the exterior and some of the interior lighting up, as well as some tilework. It looks warm and cozy inside! Still no word on an opening date, unfortunately.

            1. LOL I can't wait to see this open. I used to live across the street in the purple house (well, now it's reddish brown) and my friends and i would love to sit on the couch and watch the happenings at the Duck Inn as well as the very interesting 'side' business going on in the alley. Who'd have thought the dive could be a brasserie! Is there a menu posted on the window yet?

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                It's amazing what kind of 'dirt' reading the Craigslist job postings will tell you. Saute is looking for dishwashers and cleaning crew -- to me that's a sign that the opening can't be too far away.

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                  Hello All. My name is Tony guarino and I am the GM at Saute'. I tried to post a brief history a few days ago but it is gone. Chef Cyrus turned me on to this site and I think it is interesting. I have owned 2 restaurants in the area in the last 10 years and was asked by the 3 owners to take the reigns. After a long interview period, I dedided on Chef Keefer as our man. We are looking to get the doors open on Wednesday or Thursday and begin lunch and dinner 7 days a week starting on Friday. Please ask any questions you may have and I will try to reply promptly considering my time schedule. Hope to see you all at Saute'.

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                    How about a website? Menu posted?

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                      I walked by there yesterday, and no menu posted on the door or windows yet.

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                        Drove by yesterday. Looks close to being ready. Huge flatscreen TV's were on in the main room, which I found a bit disappointing. I hoped for NOT another sports bar- & thought the emphasis would be focused on dining. We'll see.

              2. i went by last night and they look open. But there's still no menu posted and i haven't found a website...

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                  We went on Friday night. The place was packed. Great atmosphere in there - nice lighting, all brown tones.

                  The food was overall pretty good. The menu is slightly more upscale than upscale bar food.

                  For small plates, I tried the shrimp toasts, the pulled ducking nachos, the wild mushroom dumplings and the fried calamari. The shrimp toast and the dumplings were the best of the bunch. Really tasty and a pretty generous portions - they were all share-able. I was less fond of the nachos and the calamari. Both were a little too greasy for my liking.

                  I also tried the whole trout with goat cheese gnocci and artichokes. The fish was really nicely cooked and the pairing with the gnocci and the halved artichoke worked well. My only complaint about the dish was that it was a little one-dimensional. It would've been very improved by some thyme, basil, or fennel. And a lemon to squeeze over would've been a nice touch.

                  All in all, it was a good experience. I'd definitely go back to try some of the other stuff on the menu. And I think it's a pretty solid alternative to the obnoxious bars on the square if you just want to go somewhere for a drink.

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                    I should have gone here instead of Meli - well, gives me something to look forward to this week. How were the prices? Did you happen to notice if they did brunch?

                    1. re: aussiewonder

                      The prices were what you'd expect. Most of the small plates were in the $7-$10 range. The entrees were mostly $15-$20ish. Not cheap, not expensive. I didn't notice if they did brunch. It'd be nice it they did though.

                      1. re: bawlmeroryuls

                        Thank you for posting this! My fiancee and I watched people go in and out all weekend, but it looked so crowded that we decided to wait until they posted a menu before we try it.

                        One thing I did notice is that people keep parking in the bus stop on the corner and the Baltimore City Parking Authority is having a field day with tickets.

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                          the whole bus stop thing on Hudson is pretty odd. the signs in front of my house and diagonal across the street to me have been knocked over and ripped out by random people. the parking authority seems totally fine with that.

                          back on topic, i think i'm going to some (free?) grand-opening event there on Wed night.

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                            After spending countless days watching the Duck Inn transform itself into Saute, I was very excited to stop by for lunch on Saturday. Unfortunately, the experience was not pleasant. The food was quite bland and nothing extraordinary for the prices. We also weren't expecting a bone-in chicken sandwich. Hopefully we can chalk this up to growing pains, and I'll certainly try it again in a month. You should be warned, however, that at this point, Saute should not be used in the same sentence as Birches, Yellow Dog, Jacks, or Annabelle Lee.

                            1. re: steakandcrabs

                              I would agree with that. The dishes I tried were pretty good, but definitely not to the level of Birches or Jacks.

                2. Does anyone know if its kid friendly? Keeping in mind that I take my 3 yr old to Jack's and I consider that "kid friendly".

                  1. I had the fried oysters and the Tuna entree. Both were really good. I was surprised at the level of quality and technique of both dishes. I wasn't expecting it to be so sophisticated. My GF got the pumpernickle panzella (which wasn't really a panzenella, basically a salad with pump. croutons) and the crispy whole fish (cooked perfectly). The only problem we had was that our server was a little dim. He didn't know how to pronounce half of the stuff (foo graa) , told us that the potstickers are like the things you buy at TGIfridays, and said that the chef is a little bit of a jerk because he likes a quiet kitchen (slightly inappropriate). Besides that, Everything else was great.

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                    1. re: Tourettes

                      Out of curiousity, what constitutes a "sophisticated" fried oyster?

                      1. re: Hal Laurent

                        I didn't expect the food overall to be so sophisticated. The presentation and the garnishes to the dishes were better than I expected it to be. The oysters were on a little bed of frenched green beans that were dressed in a peppery vinaigrette. It was a nice touch. The oysters were perfectly cooked, as was the fish. It was good to se a place opened only a week to be up and running that well.

                    2. I just tried Saute' for the first time last night and thought I'd weigh in. First off, I would say its definitely kid friendly. The space is split in half, with a bar on one side that provides plenty of noise so any moderately behaved kid will blend right in to the buzz of the restaurant. To me this is huge...you parents know what I'm talking about!

                      On to the food. My wife and I split the cornmeal fried oysters which were plump and subtle in flavor. She followed with the burger with a zesty tomato jam, which was very good. I just crushed her uneaten half this morning! I had the whole crispy trout with goat cheese gnocchi and artichokes. The fish itself was cooked perfectly, but I was a little disappointed with the overly subtle hint of goat cheese in the gnocchi. In fact, I'll just say it- I didn't taste goat cheese at all! The reviewer above however, will be pleased to know that they've added marinated fennel to the dish as he requested! In all the dish was still very good, just not mind blowing. For the price, at 22 bucks, I can live with that.

                      The most disappointing thing about Saute’ is their wine list. Its pretty pedestrian with lots of California and Australian’s that we’ve all seen before. The white wine list had way too much Chardonnay and practically nothing French, Spanish, Portuguese…you get the point. I know that these guys are capable of better wine lists based on their restaurants in Rehoboth, so I’m not sure why they’re holding back on us. Come on guys, people with good taste do live in Canton!

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                        The owners have no affiliation with Rehoboth restaurants. The chef who just left used to be a chef in Rehoboth.

                      2. Well, I finally went to eat at Saute to see what it was all about... and let's just say that I was not impressed with the food. My friend who had eaten there a week before tried to prevent me from going - saying that the food was "lackluster"... but I had to see for myself. The aesthetics of the place was very nice - a great looking dining room and a modern bar. However, if I were to describe the food, I would say that it was trying too hard to be fancy, and ending up being "lackluster".

                        Dinner rolls and olive oil were offered, but was missing the requisite cracked black pepper for the oil. The Hickory Smoked buffalo wings were tasteless... not a tinge of flavor or spice. The trout was also "dressed up" pretty nice but also flavorless. It's as if the chef lost his taste buds.

                        Overall, the menu was too fancy, pretty limited, and didn't offer fare more suitable for the clientele. I was excited to eat there but once I looked at the menu, it took me a while to pick something... because there wasn't much variety. I best describe the menu as PRETENTIOUS.

                        Otherwise, I highly recommend the overpriced cocktails!

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                        1. re: JasonHawke

                          Ha Ha couldnt have been said any better!!!

                          1. re: bohforme1

                            well, don't worry guys, your wish is granted. I went in to sample the food and got a boring menu. I asked the bartender about the menu and he said (somewhat inappropriate, but amusing, i must say) that the owners and the manager wanted "standard bar food" so the chef left and some guy from another bar they own is running it even though he has no "real chef" experience. So there you have it--enjoy your generic bar food.

                              1. re: chowsearch

                                I've been to Saute twice since they have opened and I must say I have 2 entirely different opinions of this place. The first visit was on opening weekend and I found the food to be very average. I was with a large group and every one seemed to have the same opinion about the food. I had the crab and shrimp cakes and was not impressed at all. My 2nd visit was this past weekend and I must say I had a much better experience. The food was much better even though the menu had changed. I definitely would not call the menu "standard bar food" at all. Maybe not as much of an upscale appeal as before but still a very nice variety of entrees. I later found out that on my 2nd visit there was a different chef from my 1st. I dont know what the circumstances were for the originial chefs departure but I think it will be a good thing for Saute.

                                1. re: RavensFan

                                  What was different between the two menus? I'd be interested to hear from others who've tried it under both chefs.

                                  1. re: JonParker

                                    It's like the drama at Three... after they first opened and switched chefs!

                              2. re: smallbites

                                Well, the first chef and his menu seemed to have been looked upon rather unfavorably, so I'm not going to champion bad quality food simply for the purpose of doing so. Generic bar food isn't particularly ideal, but maybe once things get going they'll be willing to become slightly more adventurous with the menu or a new chef. Preferably one that can deliver a quality product.

                                1. re: jwiv

                                  Well Saute does not offer generic bar food so I'm sure you will find your dining experience there enjoyable. I believe the menu is "adventurous" enough to please even the harshest critics.

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                                    We were there this week, and I would call it good pub grub rather than an "adventurous menu"- (they serve wings, pizza, calamari, steak and creme brulee). Our experience was much better than I expected considering the buzz I'd heard so far. The oyster appetizer is an enormous portion, and though it begged for salt, the oysters were perfectly cooked. When I asked for salt and pepper, the waiter explained they had no shakers, but that she would return with salt & pepper grinders- but she never brought them. Duck nachos were very good, but so rich, they are best shared among more than two people. We sampled hickory wings & pizza- niether of which were particularly memorable. The dark wood in the space creates for a nice atmosphere, but the music- circa mix 106.5 was really annoying at the high volume. Would return to sample entrees, but with the loud music & many tv's (even though the ones in the dining room were turned off), it's pretty obvious Saute is more serious about being a bar.

                          2. The owners spent a lot of money on this place. They put in a first class kitchen and that is what befuddles me. Why spend all the money on a decent kitchen if your gonna pump out average food? The GM of Saute checked in on a previous post. It would be nice to hear from him again on this thread.

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                              Maybe so they can pump it out high speed and still decently enough to keep the profitable spirits flowing?

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                                The first menu was a little to adventurous and complicated for this brand new restaurant and kitchen staff which needed more time and support before such a large undertaking ie.(not doing lunch until dinner was perfected)! Chef Keefer is a fantastic chef who just needed more support and time, before you switch to a typical pedestrian menu!

                                1. re: BigLouie

                                  Saute may have installed a first class kithcen, but they dont't have a first class chef or menu. Look what happened when you put comedian Eddie Griffin behind the wheel of a $1.5 million Ferrari !!

                                  Since they cannot produce deliciously tasty high-end food, they HAVE to resort to the usual bar food. I've been there three times now to "chowhound" and every single time, the menu changed. Understandably they are experimenting... but please ADD FLAVOR to the Hickory Wings and other entrees!! After 3 visits, the wings were STILL bland. Do they believe in salt? The menu chages so often, they don't have a chance to be consistent with the food.

                                  Until they get their act together in the kitchen, I do recommend Saute for happy hour... at least the drinks and atmosphere are good.

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                                    I think I'll stear clear until they figure it out!

                                2. Went their last night with friends. It was HORRIBLE...food and service. The space is beautiful but that is the only good thing about it. We went from having one of the best meals in a long time last week at SALT to one of the worst meals ever last night at Saute.

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                                  1. We had...Duck nachos, fried oysters, thai shrimp, risotto, mussel special, salmon special, crab cakes, steak special

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                                      I have to say that Saute seems to be having a severe identity crisis - is it a trendy restaurant/bar that plays house music or a sports bar? The clientel started out great - professionals in the Canton area - now it seems to be going downhill. Not sure if anyone who sees this lives anywhere near the restaurant, but I live directly across the street and am severely paying for it regularly around around 2am when everyone is leaving the bar. The loitering is ridiculous and extremely loud.

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                                        From yesterday's Baltimore Sun (May 14)

                                        In with the new // Cyrus Keefer has left Saute in Canton, the restaurant he opened in February. Two chefs have taken his place: Mark Suliga, formerly at Cosmopolitan and Dooby's, and Brian Mathias, who has worked in the kitchens of Joy America, Hampton's and Brasserie Tatin.

                                        General manager Tony Guarino says Keefer hadn't planned on the restaurant's being open for lunch so soon, and his dishes were a little too labor-intensive once Saute did start serving a meal midday.

                                        "The new menu is not as time-consuming," says Guarino, "even though it's larger. It's American bistro with a European twist."

                                        1. re: jwiv

                                          So how is Saute now? Did they get their act together foodwise and are the denizens behaving like citizens yet?

                                          1. re: chowsearch

                                            I haven't eaten there since they opened, but there was a sign for valet parking outside the other night. Which leads me to believe that they are still one very, very confused puppy.

                                            1. re: bawlmeroryuls

                                              Especially on Thursday nights - valet sign on the street, $1 Bud Lights sign on the railing.

                                    2. I saw that they are offering a special on Mondays-Wednesday nights. you get a free bottle of wine with the purchase of 2 dinners.

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                                        Apparently you have to order 4 entrees to get the wine. I saw the wines they're offering- you can buy them for $5 at the liquor store.