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Jan 14, 2008 06:14 AM


I had dinner there recently and was impressed. A starter of Jamon Iberico was wonderful, although admittedly, the restaurant didn't cure it themselves. Still, kudos for having it on the menu. Chef Christophe David greeted us upon arrival and steered us to the Turbot à La Grenobloise which was prepared with Pain de Mie, Preserved Lemon and Brown Butter Foam. It was spectacularly good, one of the best pieces of fish I have ever tasted.
The menu was interesting and varied, with Sushi and Sashimi choices alongside European fare. The wine list was well selected and fairly priced, while the warm room looked out through a spectacular window onto the Water Tower.

All in all, a very good experience

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  1. I attend the Chicago Auto Show's Media Preview annually and always try to stay in a premium hotel with a premium restaurant... for the room service convenience, of course.

    SO! I stayed at the Park Hyatt on Michigan, home of NoMi, and enjoyed my $140 (single diner) tab. My friend got a hamburger, but he gets one EVERYwhere, NoMi or McDonald's (ah yes, the cultured, lol...)

    I had their famously varied Risotto, which is like $30-40 for literally a small soup bowl quantity of Italian-style rice. Mine was with truffle, so it hit the latter end of the aforementioned price scale.

    Next, I had some kind of lamb dish with vegetable ragout (I forgot what that term means). The flavor was mint, which I still think is proof of evolution: lamb and mint make the perfect couple. With this, I also ordered another meal since I knew they were small... It was a small piece of Tilapia, but very tasty with the citrus gel layered on it and I believe quickly broiled on top.

    Desert was "ok," as I was pretty full from multiple dishes. It was a raspberry tart with a small scoop of homemade mascarpone and raspberry ice cream. Come to think of it, pretty delicious!

    Overall, NoMi is a bit overprice for the quality... Not as inventive as I anticipated; I presumed menu items would be more foreign for the price, but they kind of just cook a thing or two differently and call it gourmet. For the money, I still prefer to try Charlie Trotter's one day, but NoMi does it's 'thing' pretty well and will likely get better with age.