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Jan 14, 2008 06:06 AM

Corn Tortillas in Albuquerque

My dad is a transplant from San Diego, and is having a miserable time finding quality corn tortillas. (I've tried to talk him into making his own, but his age and stubbornness seem to preclude this.)

PLEASE, if anyone has ANY source for even halfway-decent corn tortillas in the Albuquerque/Sandia Park area, I would be forever grateful.

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  1. La Nortenita, La Nortenita, La Nortenita. :-)

    Don't know if they'll sell by bulk, but I can't imagine they wouldn't sell you 6-12 at a time.

    1. Wow! Have I got the place for your dad. The best corn tortillas in Albuquerque are at Tortilleria Cuauhtemoc on Bridge Street SW. In researching my book, Culinary New Mexico, my husband and I did the rounds, tasting and rating tortillas. Cuauhtemoc won hands down. They are made fresh throughout the day and are sold only in packages of 36. That's a lot of tortillas, but you can freeze those you can't use immediately. A caution: if you don't speak Spanish, you'll be reduced to charades. Not really a problem.

      If you're seeking flour tortillas, those at the Frontier Restaurant on Central SE are tops--freshly made throughout the day and very light. Second place for flour tortillas was Dos Hermanos on 4th Street NW. They're huge and somewhat more expensive than most of their bretheren.

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        Thank you both, Chantal and Sally! My dad's going to be very, very happy. I've hipped him to the Duke City blog, and ordered him a copy of "Culinary New Mexico" as well.

        You're awesome!

        1. re: Aunt Jenny

          I'm Andrea, not Chantal.... :-) Chantal started DukeCityFix and I wrote for them for about 2 years. Sorry for the confusion.

          Thanks for the tip, Sally!

          1. re: tenacity

            Apologies all around, Andrea... but your tip is STILL most appreciated!

            You and Sally made my dad's (stubborn) damn day.