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Jan 14, 2008 04:06 AM

Best Croissants I've found

Just felt the need to share this little gem. Ever since I came back from Paris, I've always been on the hunt for good Croissants. I have now found some that rival those over there. Believe it or not, the best Croissants that I've found here are at a small supermarket down the street from me, Food City in Harrison. They are delicious. Not quite healthy, as they're probably packed with butter, but simply amazing.

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  1. Just today I had my first croissant at Parisienne, on Central Ave in Hartsdale. They are the best I've had in Westchester. Also, in White Plains, there is a small bakery on the corner of Mamaroneck and Maple Ave that has very good croissants.

    Thanks for the tip about Food City- I'll give them a try!

    1. Good News! Butter is not bad for you!