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Jan 14, 2008 03:21 AM

Best Deli?? (palm beach county)

just had the most deeeelicious corned beef and pastrami sandwich at Three G's on Atlantic in Delray Beach. I did ask them for extra meat and the results were just spectacular. The meats were tasty, fresh and great...I would say even much better than Katz's in New York, Ben's, Toojay's. Any one else find this place to be great????

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  1. I personally am not a fan of 3Gs - it is always full of flies, and the hostesses count for me as the rudest around.

    Try Poppys - SE corner of Military and Linton, Bagel Twins SW corner of Military and Linton - both do great breakfasts and their meats and sandwiches are excellent.

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      I have been eating at 3 ggg's for the last five years and have never seen a fly,The hostesses are as nice as possible considering the large number of people waiting on line that they have to please. The food , especially the deli is as good or better than any I have had either in New York or Florida

    2. I like Jacob's, one in Boynton Beach (on Woolbright) and one in Lake Worth (on Hypoluxo). Now the ambience may not be too great, at least at the one in Boynton, but the food is excellent.

      I'd take Poppy's over Bagel Twins but you won't go wrong at either. Well, Three G's is better than Toojay's. I'll agree there.

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        Pickle Barrell on Hillsboro east of I-95 is excellent

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          1. 3 G's - 5869 W Atlantic Blvd. Just above Military Trail (where Friendly's is) on Atlantic in Delray. This is where all the deli afficionados in Palm Beach County go...however you'll have to contend with all the kings point yentas hocking their chinek if by off chance their table seating goes off with some hitches...LOVE THE SABLE PLATTER!

            Bagel Cove in Aventura used to be a lot better....

            Pastrami Club (University Just Below Commercial) has the best rye bread ...the deli counter is more expansive than 3G's as it has a more kosher feel......definitely more NY style...for 10 oz triple decker corned beef/pastrami (10 oz meat) you pay 11.99 and it is well worth it....try staying away from dade!!

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              Ben's on Clint Moore Rd just above 441...northern fringe of boca...THEY PICKLE THEIR OWN PASTRAMI AND TONGUE!!....a NY chain

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                  By all means, do not confuse Ben's on Clint Moore with Ben's Bagels & Beyond on Atlantic in Delray. The word meh does them more jusitce than they deserve.

                  We've had a couple of less than desirable experiences with 3 G's. While the food was good enough, carelessly charging our credit card twice for a single bill on a couple separate occasions has led us to be thoroughly satisfied with other area delis. They're not doing anything really differently from a lot of places that make us miss that after pulling that, accident or not.