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Jan 14, 2008 03:13 AM

Bagels ? (again) Palm Beach

still looking for a great bagel in south Florida and the closest I can come to this is surprisingly, PUBLIX !!!!! try them an see for yourself.....good taste and texture, pricey at 56 cents/per but so far much better than the small bagel stores that offer their boiled bagels....let me know please and add your own findings of bagels in Palm Beach County

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  1. Our Publix (Melbourne) also carries "Ray's New York" bagels in the frozen food department. You preheat your oven & then bake them for 5-6 minutes. They come out crusty on the outside & chewy in the middle. Since there's little chance of the humidity getting them soggy, they've become this ex-NYer's favorite down here.

    1. Where in Palm Beach are you.
      Best bagel store around is Way Beyond Bagels on Jog Road, in Addison North right across the street from Morikami, between Linton and Clint Moore on the East side of the street.

      1. I had always thought that real bagels ARE boiled. Publix has great bread, but their bagels are only a small step abouve Lenders.Try Flakowitz Bakery.Good bagels and awesome onion board.