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Jan 14, 2008 03:06 AM

Charleston, SC - chow for college kids

My 20yr old stepdaughter and her friends are headed down to Charleston in early March for a couple of nights. They won't have tons of money to blow on the restaurants we'd typically go to. I'd hate to see them just go to fast food places so I'd appreciate some non-chain suggestions in Charleston and around Mt Pleasant that would be affordable on a student's budget.

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  1. A pizza discussion on another post made me think of Andolini's so I'll pass that along. Located a block or so off of King on Wentworth. Pizza by the slice.
    I don't know if you have a Mo's where you're from but there's one in Mt. P. and downtown. Also legendary among the college crowd, of which I was one, is Juanita Greenburg's. Near the corner of King and Warren just North of Calhoun. Legendary burritos.
    The Boulevard Diner in Mt. P. on Coleman Blvd. is also a great value.
    That should get them by for a couple of nights.

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      2nd Andolini's.

      My other suggestons are second hand, leah, but I've been told that the Thai place Basil on King, and Mondo's Delite on the way to Folly are good food/young crowd/good value places. My CofC friend tells me they spent a lot of mornings at Bookstore Cafe, which is now Charleston Cafe just over the bridge in Mt. Pleasant. I had a nice enough brunch there a couple of weeks ago.

      And if they aren't big eaters (all girls?), I think the small portions at Al di La are not so terribly expensive.

      1. re: danna

        Kickin' Chicken on King Street is good.

    2. I agree with both the recommendations for Andolini's and Basil. If they are around Broad St. they might want to check out Fast and French, it's not the best food in town but it is good and cheap. It's not Mt. Pleasant, but Sullivan's Island is pretty close if they wanted to make the trip to Poe's Tavern. It may be a little pricey for the student budget, but it is a fun place to hang out especially if the weather is nice. Lastly, I would suggest just walking up and down the King St. shopping district. There are plenty of places that are a step or two above fast food and geared towards student budgets because they are so close to the College of Chas.