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Jan 14, 2008 02:49 AM

Stop & Shop got rid of Hodgson Mill Cornmeal in Ansonia area...

Does anyone know where I can find that brand or any other whole grain corn meal? Apparently they have eliminated at least 5,000 items from the store also. I wonder what else is gone that I use. When I asked the manager he didn't even ask if I wanted it back. Thanks, Richie

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  1. If you go to their web site, you can fill out a query looking for their products. I see there is also an option to request a catalog.
    Big Y carries their products in Avon, but that is a hike from Ansonia. Are there any smaller markets around you that carry natural products. There is a small idependent grocer in Simsbury that is starting to carry more organic/natural products so that they can compete with the mega-grocery stores popping up in the Farmington Valley.

    1. I believe I've seen Hodgson Mill products at the Adams on Route 34 on the Orange/Derby line. The Hodgson Mill (and other) stuff used to be set up in a little organic section, but most of it has been mainstreamed into the regular aisles. Produce is the first aisle as you walk in the door, baking stuff (including corn meal) is in the aisle right after that.

      1. Thanks both of you. I have a Big Y right around the corner from me and Adams is 5 minutes away. Richie

        1. Responding to the S&S portion of your post: Isn't that frustrating? My local S&S has done the same, and each week that I go there is another week I can't find several wanted products. It's gotten so bad that I've decided to shop elsewhere. Why go there when I have to stop elsewhere also, just to get basic needs? The manager is apologetic, but says that's how they're keeping prices down. Soon they'll have to start calling their business "Stop & Shop & Stop Again".

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            You're so right. They are good for their produce though. I spread the wealth around a bit when I shop; alittle here & alittle there! Stop & Shop's owner company has been hurting for years. I guess corn meal isn't a big seller. I have asked them many times in the past for white whole wheat flour from King Arthur and they kept saying yes but never got it. Doesn't anyone bake anymore?

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              i work in the business, shelf space is money and products must rotate to make it.
              i understand you make like a specific product but if you are 1 of only say 6-7 that use it well..... they must replace it with a product that may attract say25-30 people to it instead of 6-7 of course i am a consumer too so i have felt it from both ends

              1. re: foodperv

                My impression of the S&S shelves is that their "Nature's Promise" brand is crowding out most of my old favourites even when there are no close substitutes offered. I sold my truck a while ago and said I would try to do without a car for at least one year. However, grocery shopping is becoming more challenging and I might need to buy a new car sooner than expected so I can get to the better markets...

                1. re: vonwotan

                  Yes, and they also have their "Simply Enjoy" brand in addition to the "Nature's Promise". Anything I've tried in the SE brand has been horrid (or at the very least, not formulated for my tastebuds). I now have a list of at least 25 items I regularly use that have been discontinued by S&S. There are days when the majority of my shopping list can't be fulfilled there. At that point, I replace the few items in my cart and drive to Shaw's instead. A look around the Bellingham store this week shows HUNDREDS of yellow tagged items indicating discontinuation. They're quickly losing me as a customer.

          2. You can find Hodgson MIll products at the Edge of the Woods market on Whalley Ave. in New Haven. If you want something closer, the Adam's store in the Route 34 plaza in Derby (I think) has a brand from Rhode Island that's very good. Can't remember the name of it - it has an American Indian in a war bonnet on the label.

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              I checked yesterday -- it's Bob's Red Mill, and I think it's a whole grain corn meal as well.

              Also, I buy Hodgson Mill whole wheat graham flour at Adams -- don't know if that's comparable to your white whole wheat flour, but there are some Hodgson Mill products available at Adams.

              A hot tip from the hubby -- Xpect on Pershing Drive in Ansonia is upgrading their merchandise and branching into the organic-y stuff in some departments, so they might be worth a look for either Hodgson Mill or Bob's Red Mill.

              1. re: harrie

                Thanks Harrie. I was actually at Xpect the other night and found a small organic Hodgson Mill corn meal...only 2 lbs though but that will last me awhile. Richie