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Jan 13, 2008 09:45 PM

Best bar/restaurant for a 30th birthday?

Need help finding the best spot to celebrate with 15-20 people in the LA area for my (yes, I know it's on here again...sorry) wife's 30th birthday. She's a fashion designer with a palette for quality dining and an excellent menu. She love a good party and warm ambiance is a must.. patio dining is a plus. Any recommendations? Thanks Chowhound family!

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  1. Any budget restrictions? At that size, you might get the private room at Mozza.

    Barefoot across from Cedars-Sinai can handle that size upstairs, which also has a patio.

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    1. Um, if you had lots of dough, I would say Spago. Artisitc, good food, ambiance, good service, and a nice patio (although "patio season" is at an end, sorta)

      You may also wish to explore Puck's other places, like Cut or Vert.

      I would reccommend my fallback favorite, Angeli Caffe (no patio, but very artisitc minimalist room, great food and atmosphere, less $$$) on Melrose-but if I keep saying it, people will tell me I'm really biased. I am. It's good.

      Geisha House satisfies the "good party" and fashionable criteria, but the food is $$$$$ and just OK, and there is no patio.

      If you can get the private room at Mozza and can afford it, I second that. It's hip, and the food is good. OVerpriced, but good.

      Ca Del Sole in Universal City/Studio Ctiy has a great patio, a warm atmosphere and isn't too sahbby on food. Not the best, but good.

      You could always go to one of the higher end Chinese palces in SGV and have one of those massive banquets.

      1. Buffalo Club in Santa Monica.

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