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Jun 17, 2001 09:09 PM


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Can anyone suggest good places to go in Los Angeles area, Santa Clarita area, San Fernando Valley, etc. for the kind of Indian food that people from India seek out when they are here? I'm looking for casual, laid back friendly atmosphere, reasonably priced menu and very good quality and authentic dishes. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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    Carolyn Tillie

    A bit of trek for you if you are in the Valley, but I work with several dozen Indian chaps who insist on going to Little India for lunch: Pioneer Avenue off the 605 -- sorry I don't remember the exact city. Its about 6 or 8 blocks of nothing but Indian restaurants, sweet shops (I go for the Gulab Jamin), jewelery stores, clothing stores, etc.

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      I second that recommendation. It's in Artesia, by the way.

      1. re: Harmony

        Thank you both, but we know about that area. We are looking for other good Indian restaurants elsewhere in Los Angeles and the Valley. Anyone know of any, we would appreciate the info. :-)

        1. re: Foodie

          Indias Grill in a little shopping center at the La Cienega/San Vicente juncture is pretty good. Bombay Palace on Wilshire is pricey, pretty, and uneven. I've had great meals there and then been disappointed the next visit. There used to be a restaurant on the north side of Pico just west of Westwood that I went to for lunch. Haven't been there for years, but I think it's still there and it wasn't bad.

      2. re: Carolyn Tillie

        where is little india inLos Angeles,I am In the San Grable area

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        Caitlin Wheeler

        I am not an expert in authentic Indian, and I haven't been there in a while, but the All India Cafe on Fair Oaks in Old Pasadena used to be quite good. It's actually some of the best Indian food I've had.