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Jan 13, 2008 09:03 PM

Casa de los Sobares Cooking School, Oaxaca

Chef Pilar Cabrera's twice weekly cooking class started at 9:30 with a visit to the organic market. Pilar is a terrific person and the "class" was quite enjoyable. We prepared a very difficult mole negre chicken dish as part of a 4 course complex "festive meal", topped off with rose petal sorbet. We finished eating at about 1:30 PM. Everyone had a truly great time, and I 'm sure he would love making tortillas by hand, under Pillar's guidance. First person to register gets to pick the menu for the max. 8 person class. Anyone know a place in Cleveland where I can get some avocado leaves?

Please see my two videos from class held on January 4,2007 posted at

Pilar teaches family mole negre recipe:

Pilar demonstrates rice with tomatillos, peas, tomatoes garnished with habaneros

Link to the cooking school:

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  1. Gracias for the report. I'll be taking the Mole Verde class in a couple of weeks. Maybe I should sign up for the Mole Negro also, if it's available.

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      Very complex recipes- not easily replicated by gringos! I'm sure one session is enough. Please give Pilar my regards. Be sure to have a meal at Casa Oaxaca. Also, recommend that you go to the AMEX travel agency in El Camino Real hotel and arrange for guide Raoul to take you to the villages and archeological sites. We had terrific street food at the market next to Santa Maria del Tule ("world's largest tree") and the 2 marcados (20th de Novembre and Juarez) near Zocalo.

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        Have you ever done the Guelaguetza show at Camino Real? Is the food any good? Does the cost include drinks or is that extra?

        And, I took Pilar's class. It was great!

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          Glad you liked the class. Pilar is a terrific person. We stayed at Camino Real and saw almost the entire show from the side of the room. I took "movies" with my digital point and shoot. Don't know about the food at the show, but I was impressed with the food at the hotel. I ate late "suppers" there - after pigging out all day I was not hungry for dinner until very late in the evening. Then again, it's hard not to have a great meal in Oaxaca.