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Jan 13, 2008 08:37 PM

Harry Singh's

I had lunch at Harry Singh's (2653 Nicollet Ave. S Minneapolis) yesterday and he told me he's having some trouble with his landlord. This is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis so I urge one and all to rush to Mr. Singh's aid. It would be a shame to lose this jewel.

Edit: The prices on the website aren't current.

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  1. It should be noted that Harry Singh's has moved at least 3 times just since I've become aware of it, and that was when he moved into the space on Hennepin Ave betwwen Lake and 31st. If he's unable to overcome the trouble with his current landlord hopefully he'll be able to move again. (I know moving consumes resources, so hopefully he'll be able to stay put, but moving isn't necessarily the end of the restaurant.)

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      I was there recently and I remember Harry saying something about how when he got his next place, he wanted to have a kind of kitchen set-up that allowed the customers to look right into the kitchen and watch as he created and prepared the roti and so on. I recall thinking "When he gets his next place? What do I not know?" Looks like now I have some idea. I'm hoping he doesn't have to move, because he's currently located only a few blocks from where I live... how convenient! But I'd follow Harry wherever he went. Meantime, I hope to keep getting back as often as I can to the great location he (still) has now...