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Jan 13, 2008 08:29 PM

Farmers Market - what closes when - blind date help!

I was at the Farmers Market the other day and the Banana Leaf closed at 7pm - this was a HUGE disapointment to me. Considering going back for a drink on a blind date - and wondering if the bar or Monsieur Marcel close as early. If so - can anybody suggest a good drinks place for a blind date within the same area...

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  1. Yes, the whole place shuts down pretty early, though Monsieur Marcel might be open a little later.

    Nearby, there's Cobras & Matadors, BLD, and Celadon, and Tasca and AOC aren't too far away. You could also meet at the bar of Grace before heading out to other places.

    1. I thought the restaurants were now open until 9 pm.

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        The Farmers Market closes at 7pm on Sundays. It's worth going back for Banana Leaf!

      2. Monsieur Marcel is open till 9:30 Mon-Thu, 10:30 Fri-Sa, and 8:30 on Sun.

        The other places close at all different times. But I know Loteria stays open pretty late (8:00 on Sun, 9:00 Mon-Thu, 10:00 Fri-Sat)

        And the other two bars, or as I call them, alcohol booths, 326 and EBs, are open till 11:00 Mon-Sat, 9:00 on Sun.

        There's also the Whisper Lounge in the Grove next door, open till Midnight Sun-Thurs, 1:00 Fri-Sat.