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Cadburys Creme Eggs

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As a student back in England I LOVED Cadbury's Creme Eggs but now I am studying in America for a while and really ned to find some...at least before easter, anyhow.

Does anyone know any stores that sell them. And if so, how much do they generally cost over here.


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  1. They are really hard to locate before Easter - i've never found them. But thanks to retailers starting every holiday season several months early, you can find them in stores now. Walgreens drugstores are a reliable source. And make sure you hit the stores the day *after* easter when you can get them for dirt cheap.

    1. As we get closer to easter, they will be available everywhere. My recollection,is that they cost about .75-$1.00 each, but that could be off a bit. The last ones I had, came in a box of 24. For my own taste, they always sound aand look better than they taste, they're sooo sweet.

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        Agreed. Can't finish one. The peanut butter versions are another story...

      2. Try closeout places like 99 Cents Only and Big Lots stores.

        Failing that, try ordering them online.

        1. Sigh - I love them too but for YEARS I've wanted cadbury to make a dark chocolate variety. I started thinking that probably 15 years ago and have still not seen it around. Has anyone?

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            I don't know about Cadbury but I believe Laura Secord makes a dark chocolate creme filled egg.

          2. I don't know if the Cadbury's eggs here will taste as good--there have been several discussions on these boards of US Cadbury vs. UK Cadbury taste differences. The US versions tend to have less chocolate and higher percentages of sweetener. I don't know if the same holds true for the eggs, though.

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              That's what I was thinking... US Cadbury chocolate tastes different than UK Cadbury chocolate (I prefer the UK version, which you can find at Cost Plus). With Valentine's Day right around the corner, they might issue red-and-white wrapped eggs for the holiday. Cadbury eggs (both the creme filled and the solid mini eggs) used to be Easter-only, but I think they've started jumping on the every-holiday-sells-candy trend.

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                You can get U.K. Cadbury items online here:

                https://www.jollygrub.com/OnLineStore1/ Bring up the category "Easter Eggs & Goodies"

                And it looks like they're located in Amherst, NH, so you could call to confirm that it's U.K. Cadbury's chocolate, and NOT the Hershey brand put out here in the States.

                Jolly Grub
                100 State Rte 101a Unit C
                Amherst NH 03031
                Toll Free: (866) 702-GRUB (4782)
                email: info@jollygrub.com

              2. I have seen them in Walgreens.

                As a British Cadbury's lover, now planted in the USA, Creme Eggs are one of the chocolates I can't stand!! Way too sweet.

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                  I am the only one that LOVES the smaller ones? They are way more manageable and a better ratio of chocolate to creme... Just my opinion though.

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                    Did you say "smaller ones" are more manageable?

                    Check this out. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/385898


                2. Feb 6 is Ash Wednesday. Easter is 40 days later.

                  All the Easter candy comes out right around Ash Wednesday. Be patient for about 3 weeks.

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                  1. re: Cathy

                    As a kid I always gave up chocolate for lent. Having all the treats come out on Ash Wednesday was especially cruel. :)

                    1. re: Cathy

                      Ralph's her in Long Beach, just yesterday, had a display of eggs in front of the register. They're baaaaack.........

                    2. I bought a couple of the "Christmas ornament" version of the Creme Egg (just a different color wrapper-green and red, of course) discounted 75% at Walgreen's maybe five days ago. They were clearing out to make room for Valentine's candy, but it may be worth a look.

                      Hey, since they branched out for Christmas, maybe they'll start selling them in red wrappers for Valentine's!

                      1. If Walgreens doesn't have them out now, they will by Feb 1. I love the Creme Egg.

                        1. I just saw them in Rite-Aid today. Guess they're trying to get a head start with their Easter candy. Call your local one and ask.

                          1. If you're anywhere near the Great Lakes, cross the boarder. Everyone around here seems to sell them.


                            1. Target will have them for Easter.

                              1. They've arrived in Canada - including the TV ads with the clucking bunnies!

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                                1. re: MaxieGourmet

                                  Ah, the clucking bunnies! They still crack me up after -- what is it -- must be nearly 25 years?

                                  1. re: mwright

                                    Me too! :) We have a small stuffed clucking bunny that came in a Cadbury "easter egg hunt pack" two years ago. The kids love it hehe

                                2. I saw my first CCE of the season wehen my (3-year-old) son rolled it across the floor at CVS last Friday. Of course, we bought and quickly devoured it in celebration.

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                                  1. re: mamaciita

                                    The Walgreeen's ad lists them at 39 cents this week!

                                    1. re: janeh

                                      Any limit on how many you can buy??


                                      1. re: Davwud

                                        My boyfriend just bought me 94 of the creme eggs for Valentine's Day...I don't think there's a limit!

                                        1. re: musicchick629

                                          Umm, what sort of plans do you have for them? I used to love them but they are a little too sweet anymore...I don't know what I'd do with 94.

                                          Though, I did get an ice cream maker for Christmas, this could be a new project! Cadbury cream egg ice cream, anyone?

                                          1. re: DCLindsey

                                            When I was in London I had a Cadbury cream egg McFlurry. It was very good.

                                  2. I am not sure where you are located, but Fairway in NYC carries the UK version of Cadbury's, and also has reasonable prices. Failing that, most national pharmacy chains (CVS, Walgreen's, Eckerd, Duane Reade) will sell them at around .75 each. The larger stores have them out already. The smaller ones will display them after the Valentine's Day push.

                                    1. I decided to re-visit my childhood and pick one up on Tuesday. It was mostly how I remembered, but seemed sweeter (might be HFCS). Also, didn't the "yolk" used to be better defined? The one I ate had just a small streak of yellow inside the white icing.

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                                      1. re: madgreek

                                        There definitely was an actual "yolk" when they first came out. Perhaps the U.K. version still does.

                                      2. Walgreens is already carrying them. Just bought a bag of cadbury mini eggs. The creme eggs are too sweet in my opinion.

                                        1. Does anyone know whether the Creme Eggs in Canada are still the same size or if they have been shrunk like in America?

                                            1. re: Kholvaitar

                                              Thanks. There's some really cool ideas there.


                                            2. One little thing to consider. While you can probably buy Cadbury eggs by now, you may want to wait till around Easter to actually EAT any of them. I'm not 100% sure but I think the Creme eggs use the same trick to get the centers runny that they use to make cherry cordials; mixing some amalayse into the filling paste which over time breaks the sucrose down into fructose and glucose (which being more soluable in the moisture content of the filling turn it from paste to syrup) In other worlds, the creme eggs may actually need time to "ripen" before they are ready to consume, and the very early ones may still be "unripe". I have notice that quite often, eggs bought really early tend to have filling that is much harder and drier than those purchased later on. So if you are buying them now it, may behoove you (if you can restrain yourself" to put them somewhere warm (not warm enogh to melt them, but not the fridge either) for a few weeks to give the enzymes time to do thier work.

                                              1. The eggs are out around in these parts. I've found them at Stewart's shops and CVS. If your in New York's capital region I guess they are easy to find. Where abouts are you?

                                                Me personally I think Cadbury creme eggs are why my diets never work. I start getting out to exercise in the spring and late winter and boom there they are, tempting me. I love those things!