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Going to Cabo on Tuesday! Need restaurant help please.

My husband and I are going to Cabo for the first time to celebrate our 40th birthdays. He doesn't want to schedule all our time, but agreed to let me make reservations for two of our four nights for dinner. I already have a reservation at Edith's! We are staying at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Spa near Los Cabos, so we probably won't be heading over to San Jose for dinner on this trip. I am trying to decide between La Fonda, La Golondrina (official "Trailer Park") and Mi Casa, which have all been recommended to me. Which of these restaurants should I make my other reservation? Other places we "must" go to?

Thank you!

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  1. Hi Jeanbert ~

    What a wonderful way to celebrate your 40th!

    There's a post started about Cabo - http://www.chowhound.com/topics/473986 - I've been checking it out, as well as some older ones, we leave Tuesday for Cabo also.

    Mi Casa is pretty good but touristy/kitchy. I do like their chicken mole though.
    I'm thinking about trying The Office and Ediths this time.
    I've been several times to Las Ventanas and always had a marvelous time, it's beautiful and the food is wonderful. It's closer to Los Cabos - but not in Los Cabos, and IMO worth the cab fare.

    Have a good time!

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      If you are facing the ocean... the place immediate on the right of The Office is very decent... I particularly liked the Coconut Shrimp & Camarones a la Diabla... they also make some good drinks with Damiana (the local liquer).

      Nick San should not be missed.... you rarely find Sushi that good in the States.

      Overall... Cabo doesn't mesh with Fine Dining (imo).... its generally overpriced... but if you seek out the little places where the local workers dine... there is major satistifaction there... search the board... I have posted on excellent Lechon (suckling pork) tacos and other good stuff.... o yeah most people (including Mexican tourists from Mexicali & TJ really dig Mocambo's).

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        so... are the Lechon tacos at Mocambo's?

        they sound fabulous!

        It is a wish of mine to go to the little local places, but I'm afraid to (you may call me chickens---) because of a serious food allergy. The only place I want to be if I have a reaction, is the hospital, which I'm usually not even near.

        but suckling pork tacos! Yowza!

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          No... Mocambo's is seafood mainly. The lechon tacos (and yes they are yowza) are at a little place on a side street... locate Pepe's Tacos on the main drag about a block away from the trendy Mall near the Cabo SL Marina... facing the direction of the Marina go to the corner & hang a right turn.... walk about half a block it will be on your right hand side... can't miss. There is a small convenience store a block up. Place your order for Tacos... walk up to the store buy you beer & come back... they will be ready. The place is ultra clean... food is simple & great. Oh and the pureed Habanero salsa... wow!

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            Is the place called Pepe's Tacos? Or am I starting there and following your directions?

            Pepe's Tacos doesn't open till 6:00pm.... we were hoping for for a lechon lunch!

            Thanks for all your help!

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              You are starting at Pepe's Tacos and going from there... to the nearest corner, hang a right, go up 1/2 block (away from the ocean)... and its on your right. There are certainly open for lunch.

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                There will be happy Hoosiers tomorrow afternoon!


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                  Sr Lechon is closed.

                  I have come to prefer Marico Mazatlan to Mocambo for seafood..great dish is zarandeado..a whole red snapper butterflied and grilled.

                  They also have a small..the original Casa Mazatlan..with mote non fish items.

                  Go to El Michoacano for pork carnitas.

                  Birria stand..1 block up from the supermarket..sort of behind Squid Roe..no name...just birria and menudo

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            We are going to the one and only palmilla in july for our 50th anniversary. i have recs for Nick san Las Tiendas de Palmilla and Nick San. Which one do you recommend?
            Thanks in advance

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              Nick San without a doubt... I am only familiar with the one adjacent to the Cabo San Lucas marina.

        2. Go to the Suset Beach Pueblo Bonito. the food at the resataurant down by the main pool is very good as is the food at all of their restaurants.

          My wife and I stayed their last year and could not believe the quality of everything.

          Pacifa is beautiful and relaxing and their food is good as well.


          Nick San for sushi.

          For lunch head into town and on the road to el medano beach is a place called
          Gardenias tacos. It is wonderful

          1. Miguelocos has been around about a year or so its at KM 0 downtown Cabo the food is great and pretty good prices they have a band on Fri. and Sat. the owner is Mike Hill tell him Cary sent you

            1. The Office. Its on Medano Beach. Really good food and fun atmosphere. Nothing fancy, but really tasty food and awesome to be sitting on the beach with feet in sand.

              1. If price is no object, try: 1) Charlie Trotter's C, 2) Las Ventanas Restaurant, and 3) Esperanza Restaurant. Each dinner was a culinary tour de force. All three meals were accompanied by Baja's best kept secret: Mexican wines. Mark my words: Napa and Sonoma might snub their noses now but will do a double take in a few short years. Enjoy.

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                  "Mark my words: Napa and Sonoma might snub their noses now but will do a double take in a few short years"

                  I am afraid that the global climate change will make Baja's day in the sun very short (well actually too long in this case).

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                    I've learned that reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. Smell the fruit. Enjoy the color. Savor the complexity.

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                      Kind of a fatalistic point of view !!
                      First of all what Napa and Sonoma have in common with the Mexican wine country is that wine is made in both places and that's about it .
                      You can take a boat from Napa to the ocean on a river , in the Guadalupe Valley I have seen the river run twice in thirteen years ! The Baja wine country is very desertic these year we had more rain than the two past years combined. In some places the ground is very salty, but the concentration of flavor on the reds is significant . The industry is in a way very young in Baja it has been reborn after many years of being forgotten . When I arrived here in 1996 there were about nine wineries today between the small producers and the garage wines there are over forty different options . Unfortunately water is a big issue in the Guadalupe valley, there is another place called Ojos Negros where some grapes have been planted there is much more water there it has more potential in terms of volume also very good cheese is being produce there too. Recently a wine spectator critic pas trough here and he posted a not on his blog check it out.
                      Lets hope we get water and enough sun.

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                        You know what is interesting is that I have read numerous studies that show Baja will likely be getting ALOT of rain due to global warming. I guess if it doesn't just wash off all the minerials & good stuff... parts of Baja might become a lush oasis.

                  2. so how was your experience at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica? we are leaving for there tomorrow. were the onsite restaurants good? what was good nearby?