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Jan 13, 2008 06:41 PM

First Time to New Orleans!

Hello Chowhounders. March 16 I will be making my first trip to New Orleans. I am so very excited to visit this beautiful city, somewhere I have always wanted to go, mostly for the food. I will be staying at the Hilton Hotel on St. Charles Street (has anyone stayed here? Good/bad?) Anyway, I need MANY suggestions as to where to eat. I want to eat everything. I will be there for one week, so I need great places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I want everything from white tablecloth to newspaper covered tabletop. Now, I will be going with my boyfriend and a friend who doesn't like seafood (Iknow, I know) so please include restaurants where he could find something that suits him (burgers, chicken, steak, etc.)

Thank you so much in advance, and who knows, maybe I will see you there!


Side note: Has anyone eaten at the Hilton St Charles Street restaurant, Luke? It is ran by John Besh?

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  1. Just ate at Luke last night (for the second time). There have been lots of complaints on this board about the service, but ours was fine. The food is great. I had the shrimp and grits (called something fancier), and tried the trout meuniere and crabmeat ravioli. All great. Superb were the pate apps we had: rabbit and duck liver (gorgeous texture) and some sort of smoky pork thing. Really good. And plenty of it.

    You should go to Galatoire's, Felix's or Acme, Coop's Place and Cafe du Monde. For starters.

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      Thanks so much. I am excited about Luke. I think I may be overly excited about my trip to New Orleans. LoL. If it were acceptable to pack now, I probably would.

      1. re: linz_e_moore

        I would visit all the old favorites rather than a newish restaurant like Luke.
        Galatoires, Brennan's, Arnaud's, Antoine's, Mr. B's, Palace Cafe, Commander's, Acme, Port of Call, Bayona, Emeril's, K-Paul's. I mean there are tons, but you should start with the classics.

          1. re: Blumie

            Because they're the home of Bananas Foster, Oysters Bienville, Gumbo Ya Ya etc., etc.

    2. Dick and Jenny's, Mandina's, Stella, Dante's Kitchen, Brigsten's, Matt & naddie's, Port O'Call for a burger, for po boys try R&O's, Chicken Sue's...the list can go on and on, some of the best places in New Orleans aren's the fancy places

      1. You'll have a blast, it's such a great city. Here's my Don't Miss List!!: Take the trolley to Camelia Grill for a great breakfast (it's an icon). also, don't forget coffee and donuts at Cafe du Monde - Take a nice walk through the garden district and stop and have the best roast beef po-boy at a little irish bar - Parasol's - (you'll be there for the St. Patty's parade - awesome) I can't go to New Orleans without one lunch or two at Mother's - (some people give it a thumbs down, touristy - I love the food and the people). Don't miss a muffellatta sandwich at the Central Grocer (we usually order one the morning we leave, so we can eat it on the plane, making everyone jealous) - I love oysters and usually hit the Acme Oyster Bar several times throughout my week (but there are plenty of great places for oysters- My list is mostly casual grub, others will provide great white tablecloth places.

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        1. re: lexpatti

          i LOVE acme in metairie -- if you go there, check if dino's shucking and, if so, sit at the oyster bar - i guarantee a fantastic experience if you do!

          also, in NOLA proper, check out emeril's if you're looking to do a casual-fancy dinner. their gumbo is superb and their escargot's the best i've ever had.

          and, agreeing (again) with lexpatti, you Have to have a beignet. definitely hit up cafe du monde for ambiance (or one of it's satellites for convenience).

          have fun!!

          1. re: epicuriosity_filled_the_kat

            Speaking for Acme, I was watching travel channel last night, and Acme was on "Top Ten Placres to Pig Out." They showed a man who ate 58 dozen oysters in 2 1/2 hours. Interesting. I defintitely will hit all three of the places you mentioned.

            1. re: linz_e_moore

              sooo funny, I saw that too. Before they got to Acme, I had said "there has to be a New Orleans place in this line up". We laughed when Acme came up. When I go to New Oleans, my goal is to have oysters everyday that I'm there. I love them as shooters, in a shot glass with a little beer and cocktail sauce - yum yum y um!!!

          2. re: lexpatti

            Two corrections - it's the streetcar not a trolley, and they're beignets not donuts at the Cafe du Monde.
            Do visit Napoleon House on Chartres and have a Pimm's Cup.

          3. Most threads on this board will be of help. Your query is not unique.

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            1. re: JazzyB

              Thanks. I have spent some time reading through previous posts. I should have done that before I posted my own thread. I have a list of about 100 places I'd like to go! Too bad I only have a week.

              1. re: linz_e_moore

                It's the only destination that I always feel that way. Plan on 5 meals a day. :-) That's what we do in order to get all the wonderful food in - we split dishes too, just so that we can have it all.

            2. The original comment has been removed