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February 2008 Cookbook of the Month: Cast Your Votes Here [Result Posted]


Please vote for one of the following three choices for February Cookbook of the Month

--SUSAN SPICER: Crescent City Cooking

--CHEF PAUL PRUDHOMME’s Louisiana Kitchen

--FRANK STITT’S Southern Table

by posting your vote to this thread. Voting will be open until Sunday, January 20th and I'll post the February Cookbook of the Month on Monday, January 21st.

All Chowhounds are invited to contribute to Cookbook of the Month. The more cooks, the more fun we all have. But PLEASE . . . only vote if you really do intend to participate and report back.

I’m pleased to announce that oakjoan, who’s been with Cookbook of the Month from the get-go, will be taking over as coordinator in March. Thanks, oakjoan.

  1. OMG one of my favorites has come up again. Fellow hounders the only thing I have found not to be stellar is the chicken in watercress sauce. Good but just not outstanding. The Sweet Potato Tart with Rum Creme Anglaise is amazing. I dearly love the cornmeal Madelines. He puts sugar his cornbread and cream cheese in his PC but I can forgive that and just leave it out. If not this then a wonderful new book out this past year. Jean Anderson's " A Love Affair With Souther Cooking" is worth a kook

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    1. re: Candy

      Candy I assume you are referring to Stitt's book?

      1. re: DGresh

        absolutely! Please excuse the typos in the last sentence.

    2. FRANK STITT’S Southern Table

      1. FRANK STITT’S Southern Table

        Thanks for all the hard work JoanN!

        1. Count me in! :) FRANK STITT'S SOUTHERN TABLE

          Thanks for all your hard work JoanN :)

          1. While I'd be happy with either Spicer or Prudhomme, I'll vote for SUSAN SPICER: Cresent City Cooking, since I got it recently and am excited to start cooking from it.

            1. SUSAN SPICER: Crescent City Cooking

              I'll be interested to read the greatest hits from Frank Stitt since it's so popular here and will likely win COM status
              but Crescent City Cooking is the one I'll scour the library for. They've been "cooking the book" with recipes on that one over on Serious Eats, so there's online links.

              and hooray oakjoan!

              1. I vote for SUSAN SPICER. I already do have this book and am excited to get cooking from it. The one thing I've made from it (a semolina cake with a pistachio creme anglaise and a sour cherry sauce) was sensational. The book has lots of New Orleans dishes. But it also has recipes that look French, Asian or even southwestern. So I think there would be room for lots of tastes with this one.

                1. I vote for Susan Spicer's "Crescent City Cooking". Received it for Christmas as a momento of our favorite NO restaurant.

                  1. FRANK STITT'S SOUTHERN TABLE

                    (Why does it seem like your 6 months was a lot shorter than mine?! ;-)

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                    1. re: Katie Nell

                      I know it probably won't matter at this point, but I would actually like to rescind my vote for Frank Stitt's Southern Table this time around... there are too many Spring and Summer dishes in it that I would like to wait until later in the year.

                      1. re: Katie Nell

                        It is a very seasonal book, and of course there are lots of S&S dishes ut there plenty of F&W dishes too. Stitt and his wife are members of Slow Foods and she is the BirmonghamSF president. They very much believe in eating locally and what each season has to offer

                        1. re: Candy

                          I know- I'm just drawn more to the S&S dishes, personally. I have no qualms if we go ahead with it in Feb.- just wanted to take my vote out of the running because I'm more likely to make dishes in the spring or summer.

                    2. My vote is for FRANK STITT’S Southern Table

                      I would happily cook from Susan Spicer's book, and have reserved at the library. But Frank Stitt's book has been in consideration for many months, he is a very well-respected pioneer of great southern cuisine, and I'd love to explore his oeuvre.

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                      1. re: NYchowcook

                        Based on Katie Nell's concerns, I'm more than happy to switch my vote to CRESCENT CITY COOKING
                        I thought someone had been repeatedly disappointed that we didn't choose Frank Stitt. Waiting until Spring is a-okay w/ moi.
                        (poor Joan, this wavering I'm sure is not helpful one bit!)

                      2. Finally bought a copy, so my vote goes to FRANK STITT.

                        1. SUSAN SPICER: Crescent City Cooking

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                          1. re: emily

                            Either Frank Stitt's book or Susan Spicer's, in that order.

                          2. I vote for Susan Spicer's book. I love her food!

                            1. FRANK STITT’S Southern Table

                              Only because my library doesn't have the Susan Spicer book, and I don't think I'll cook this type of cuisine enough to buy it.

                              1. AND THE WINNER IS

                                (assuming I’m counting the withdrawals and revocations and transfers correctly)

                                FRANK STITT’S SOUTHERN TABLE

                                by a single vote.

                                See you with the links threads on Friday, February 1st, and thanks, all, for your cooperation and support.