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Jan 13, 2008 06:18 PM

szechuan pepper corns

Where can I buy szechuan pepper corns on the upper west side, upper east side, the Bronx or Westchester?

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  1. They have them smack dab in the middle of the spice rack at Fairway.

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    1. re: JungMann

      Is that the Fairway on 75th St. or the one on 133rd St?

      1. re: ron

        The Fairway on West 75th. I've been meaning to purchase a bottle myself and saw them in stock.

    2. I would think they'd have them at Penzey's in Grand Central Terminal. You can call them before heading over...they're very helpful and will even hold something for you if it's in short supply.

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      1. re: susan1353

        the penzeys szechuan peppercorns have very little in common with the kind you get in china. just a warning...

        1. re: bladerobbins

          Could you elaborate on that? Just curious as I've had both, but separated by a space of 5 years.

          1. re: jennywinker

            The pepercorns I had in China had such distinct flavor, really powerful and striking. By comparison the ones at Penzeys are really lacking. They just don't pack the same wallop of unique spice.

            1. re: bladerobbins

              True, the peppercorns in China did make your mouth go numb. Yummy.....

      2. Ron, Adriana's USED to be in Grand Central and lost their lease. Then Penzeys took over. (Not nearly half as good as Adriana's was). Now you may want those Szechuan corns immediately, so online won't do you much good. However, check out Adriana's online store for herbs and spices, etc. Their stuff is fresh and their service is fast. Also, the is good as well. Or, if you can find an asian market in NYC, they always have herbs and spices for a tenth of what you pay in a supermarket!

        1. Last time I bought szechuan pepper corns, I found them at Dean and DeLuca.

          1. while not in the neighborhoods you mentioned, my goto spot for spices, beans, rices, etc is kalyustians