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Jun 15, 2001 07:11 PM

Grand Central Market

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I walked through Grand Central Market for the first time this week. What a great place! But so many choices for a meal. Does anyone have any preferences of all the eateries there?

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  1. I'm hazy on this -- other people can probably tell you better -- but as I remember it, there are two major carnicerias in the market that offer every kind of meat you can imagine, from ofal to eyeballs. Last time I was there I had a carnitas taco from the deeper-in carniceria (i.e. further from Bway) that was out of this world delicious. But also almost too HUGE. To give you an idea, I'm normally a three taco man, and I could hardly finish the one. A little indigestion afterwards, but that comes with the territory.... Bye, just realized the Lakers were on...

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      Yeah, I had one of those carnitas tacos. It was probably from the same stand. Best I ever had. I was able to skip my next three meals after eating it.

    2. When I was a kid my dad had a coffee shop and a prepared salad bar (homemade peanut butter, cole slaw, etc. like Magee's in Farmer's Market)in Grand Central Market, and I especially remember the exceptional produce at all the different produce stalls. Don't know if that's still the case. There was also a guy who used to walk by yodeling up and down the aisles, for a little color.

      1. The taco stand that is on the South side of the market next to the large tortilla pressing machine produces the best chicken tacos I've had. The place is always packed, and one taco (soft shell, of course) is enough for a meal. I believe they are $1.50. Lots of Cilantro. I've eaten at other stalls there, but none are as memorable as this one. While at Grand Central Market pickup day old bread...3 loaves for $1.00!

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          This is definately the best of the stands. But don't miss the goat and the lamb tacos. They're amazing!

          Also, their tortas are the best I have ever been exposed to. Embarrassingly cheap!

        2. I like the Salvadorian papusas on the north aisle, near the butcher.

          1. If it's still there, try the stand in the middle of the market with the wonderful, messy gorditas. Any filling is delicious. Only problem is obtaining napkins.