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Tutti Melon - Frozen Yogurt on Irving @ 23rd Ave.

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Not opened yet. Didn't see an opening date posted either. But looks awfully similar to Pinkberry. If anyone gets to try it before I do, please let us know.


2150 Irving St @ 23rd Ave., San Francisco

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  1. Had a friend get me some today. For some reason, I don't like the after taste. I got the wasabi in your nose sensation after I ate it. Not the burning part, but just the light tickling. Or when you eat won ton noodles and the place doesn't cook the noodles long enough and it has too much of that ingredient left in it that helps keeps the noodle chewy. Anyways...

    Maybe it's low level brain freeze. Anyone else getting this?

    I've had my fair share of the frozen yogurt from LA and SF. And none of them give me this weird sensation.

    1. I was driving down Irving and stopped to check this place out. It's very similar to pinkberry in style and menu. I had the plain yogurt with cap'n crunch and fruity pebbles. I found the yogurt to be very tangy. I thought it was fine. I didn't have the aftertaste effect as the earlier poster.

      1. This was a Quickly chain (I think that's what they're called?) before the owner changed it over to try and cash in on the knockoff yogurt craze. I wouldn't expect much.

        1. the logo treatment evokes pinkberry to sure, coloful and fun

          the interior rips off jubili so bad it made me sad (tiles and that awesome wavy wall pattern)

          If only they could rip off the taste: I found the yoghurt a bit lumpy, powdery - not smooth
          it also tasted slightly off, i.e. bad

          Not really worth even the 99 cent opening special (that price is without toppings, I tried pineapple)

          1. Searching around, it seems that Tuttimelon (one word) is merging with Yoogo Gelato.

            There are two planned additional locations

            601 Broadway St opening May 2008

            2240 Chestnut Street opening March 2008

            2150 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA

            1. Monday I was out in the Sunset and was lured to Tuttimelon by the banner advertising a 99¢ opening special. Just a few doors away, Quickly was competing with its 59¢ deal. I was more interested in Tuttimelon because it is lower in calories and has less sugar. Even though not served super cold, the original tart flavor is moderately icy, which I find refreshing. It has a lighter mouthfeel, tastes like fresh dairy, and a zippy lemon-lime aftertaste in the clean finish. I didn't get any toppings this time, but I can say that the fresh fruit looked better than most.

              Small Tuttimelon original frozen yogurt -

              2240 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA