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Need Delicious Mac N' Cheese in DFW

Can someone please tell me where to get some tasty macaroni and cheese in the DFW area. Both upscale and down home recommendations would be appreciated!

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  1. I love Hattie's and Luby's.

    A lot of people like Hibiscus's, but I didn't think much of it.

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      Hatties mac n' cheese is to die for! I love it so much I could just about bathe in it.

      1. I like the smoked gouda and parma ham version at Jasper's.

        1. The Dallas Morning News reviewed Ounce in Addison, and the accompanying photo of Ounce's mac'n'cheese looks STUNNING:


          1. Also, Central 214 and Social both have terrific mac'n'cheese, and I've loved it at Hibiscus as well.

            Tillman's Roadhouse has a great white cheddar mac'n'cheese, too!

            1. Central 214 - I go and just order it with the grilled romaine salad

              1. I actually like Eatzi's version.

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                  Good one. Don't know how I forgot about Eatzi's.

                2. Ditto the rec for Jaspers.

                  1. The Porch on Henderson has some mighty fine Mac n Cheese.

                    1. Abacus (when they have it--same owner as Jasper's) and Hattie's. I agree with Toulouse as well.

                      1. Jaspers' is the greatest ever. Abacus is a close second, with Hattie's a distant third (a bit runnier than I like, but the taste is there).

                        1. Kenny's Wood Fired Grill in Addison has an awesome mac n cheese. I think it is made with smoked gouda, ham and white truffle oil.

                          1. Hibiscus and Jaspars...hands down

                            1. Jasper's, Ounce, BLT Steak and Kenny's... all tied in my book!

                              1. Kitchen 1924 in Lakewood. They do take-out too.
                                Also if you are up for another cheesy-starch combo. You MUST try their Smoked Gouda Grits! They are outstanding.

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                                  I second this one. Had it last night and it was AMAZING. Cute place, too.

                                2. Perry's @ Routh and Cedar Springs. Yummy bacon and breadcrumbs on top give it a great texture

                                  1. Hmm...one of my favorite dishes, and IMO, no one does it better than Hibiscus...Oops..sorry, didn't realize that this was an old post..already answered

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                                      The Capital Grille has a Lobster Mac n Cheese side dish. Fantastic!