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Dinner for 40 in Dallas

I'll be attending a conference in Dallas and I need to arrange a dinner for 40-50 on a Sunday night in March. We'll be staying at the Hilton Anatole. I'd be willing to arrange for bus transportation to move this many people to an amazing place to eat (most will not have cars). Probably the easiest place to go would be to stay in the hotel and go to Nana but I do not want to overlook some of the other amazing places I've read about on this board so I need some assistance narrowing down this list. Which would be your top two places to eat from the following list that would truly show off the best of Dallas:

York St.
Stephen Pyles
Mansion at Turtle Creek


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  1. York Street wouldn't be able to hangle that kind of capacity, but it's my 2nd fave in town.

    For a group that large, I would lean Stephen Pyles or the Mansion.

    1. I'd go with Stephan Pyles, although a downside of that is for a group that size they'll put you in the private room, which requires a minimum $$ and a special, more limited menu.

      1. Nana is in your hotel and its view and new chef certainly make for a memorable meal. Here is the latest review:


        Im not sure any of the others (except for Pyles) can accomodate 50.

        1. fearings might be able to handle it and still let you order off the menu

          1. The Mansion and Nana are the best choices for what Dallas can offer at its best. If only York Street were a little larger, they could close for your group. Fearing's needs more time and growing up before they can truly show off Dallas' finest dining experience.

            But don't forget The French Room. They should be able to accommodate a group that size. Nearly anything that comes out of the kitchen is incredible...I haven't tried it all yet! Plus Greg Cheval does a great job at pairing just the right wines for each course.

            1. I second the vote for the French Room. That place is flawless! I just ate there last week, and I am always impressed. The other place I would recommend not on your list is Abacus.

              From your list, I tried the Mansion at lunch a month or so ago. It was very much not up to par, and I had that same opinion both times I have been there since the chef change. I have been to Fearing's 3 times now, and I think the kinks are worked out there. I would choose it over Stephan Pyles, and the food is similar. The southwest twist of Pyles and Fearing's isn't my choice when I am going all out, but it does have a Texas feel (both restaurants are very good). I ate at Nana over Restaurant Week. It was mediocre, but it could have been due to the limited selections of Restaurant Week. I love York Street as well, but I agree that it is way too small. I also think Bijoux would be an excellent choice. I really enjoy that place. I haven't been to Lola or Aurora, but I've had good meals there.

              1. Nana and Stephan Pyles.
                SP would be the clear front runner--especially if you are traveling from out of state. The menu has influences from Central America and the Southwest.

                1. Fearings!! Definitely Fearings!

                  1. Isn't Stephan's closed on Sundays now?

                    1. We're up to 60 for dinner! Transportation from the hotel is definitely an issue for many in the group and with the comments several of you have provided we're leaning towards Nana. Fearing's, Stephan Pyles and the French Room sound great for must visits for myself on this trip as well.