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Good Teriyaki in San Diego?

Does anyone know of a money teriyaki place, I came from Seattle and so far after a year and a half I haven't found that "Place". I mean when I went back to Seattle I almost dropped a tear it was so good. I've been to in San Diego:

Teri Cafe
Samurai Sam's
Rice King
Bamboo Hut
Sushi Deli
Ra Sushi
Ranch 99
Some Hawaiian/Japanese place Downtown

They were okay, at best. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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  1. I don't know that I've had good teriyaki, since I've only ever really had it in San Diego. I can say that I've had it at Sushi Deli and Teri Cafe and found both to be pretty poor.

    The one time I had teriyaki and really liked it was at Sushi Ota on East Mission Bay Drive. It was easily the best I'd ever had, and made me understand why people even eat teriyaki in the first place. Not sure how it'll compare to Seattle, but that would be where I'd try.

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      I second Sushi Ota. The cooked food is pretty good there, which is something that tends to be overlooked because a lot of people focus on the sushi. Their cooked meals run a little more expensive, but if you're really into good teriyaki, it might be worth it.

    2. I like the teriyaki at Yummy Maki Yummy Box up in the UTC area. Tender, not overpowering. Great bento box...

      1. One of the things I miss about living in San Diego is Ichiban on University...

        1. milojon,
          out of curiosity, which teriyaki place did you frequent in seattle? i am going in a couple of weeks.

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            go to Nasai, right bye University village in the U-District or Ichi teriyaki in Burien. I'm afraid the greatest of all-time...Yak's Deli (R.I.P.) went out of business when I went to college, but it was far and away the best. But definitley go to Nasai Teriyaki and get the Chicken and Beef combo....mmmmmm!!!

          2. Yikes! I can't say I've ever had great Teriyaki like you get in Seattle, but the restaurants you listed pretty much cover every tired and awful Japanese chain retaurant in San Diego. And Sushi Deli is just downright wretched. It's like the Claim Jumper of Japanese restaurants, they give you so much that people mistake volume for quality.

            Try Ichiban's in Hillcrest (on University), or its sister restaurants in PB and Poway. They also run Niban's on Clairmont Mesa. All are good and cheap.

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              I have to disagree with Niban. We used to go there back in college cause it was cheap and we didn't know any better, but the food is mediocre to bad, its basically fast food quality.

            2. I actually liked the teriyaki when I would get it at Yakimono but that may be because the lunch special was only $3.99.

              1. I walked into teri Cafe the other night - the smell of teriyaki was quite amazing.

                1. I really like the teriyaki beef at Surf Brothers Teriyaki. It is definitely much, much better than other casual places I've been in, which includes Yoshinoya (yech) and Samurai Sam's. Their chicken tends to be a little dry though. They have locations in Encinitas and San Marcos.

                  1. I really like the teriyaki at Izakaya Masa (formerly Teriyaki Cowboy). It's in Mission Hills, hidden on Fort Stockton.

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                      I want something like this picture, but haven't found it yet.