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Jan 13, 2008 04:48 PM

Quaint vs Bliss in Sunnyside

Which do you think is better? I've had good food and some so-so at both. Sunnyside can certainly use more restaurants like these but with more choices on their menus. But for now, these two joints and Ariyoshi seem to fill a culinary void. Has anyone tried the new Sidetracks on Queens Blvd? Any restaurants strike your fancy in Sunnyside? All input greatly appreciated!

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  1. i'm not crazy about any of the restaurants you named above, quite honestly. quaint was nothing special. not rushing to try bliss anytime soon. not crazy about ariyoshi at all, for my authentic japanese-fix i always go into the city, unfortunately. just had great omakase at kanoyama in the east village.

    i love de mole, book chang dong (natural tofu), and aubergine. de mole and BCD are the only 2 places in the 'hood i visit regularly.

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      I went to DeMole last week for a light lunch. I had the Quesadilla Sauteed Garlic Spinach and it was fabulous plus the complimentary chips & dip. Many neighbors are fans of East 21 (71-26 Roosevelt) for Japanese. This place is strictly delivery. I ordered once and had the pan fried shrimp yaki soba with vegetable. It came with soup & salad for $9 (no tax). The dish had 6 jumbo shrimp. Neighbors order the sushi party platter which is enough for three and very reasonabe. They deliver quickly by scooter and will travel a fairly large distance. Pick up a menu and ask if they deliver to your area. Worth trying. They also have a Chinese menu which I would not recommend.

      1. re: Linda

        Where are de Mole & BCD? Please enlighten me! I tend to stay close to home. As for Aubergine, kick-ass coffee, I've only had lunch there, didn't think much of the food, especially the quiche. Is Book Chang Dong the one on Qns Blvd & 40th? It's OK, considering that the cooks are Mexican!

        I think Quaint & Bliss both have great burgers, roast chicken & steaks. Fish at Bliss is better though.

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          De Mole is 3 blocks south of Queens Blvd on 48th Ave (at or close to 45th St).

          1. re: Dave_G

            2 quick notes on De Mole:
            -It's become a serious neighborhood hit. Go in there at 7pm on a Friday and there's a good chance you don't get a table. The place seems to be the perfect size, from what I've seen, though. Meaning it's full but it's not like there's an hour wait to get in or anything.

            -If you order to go, they will shortchange you on the sauce on the side. I'm pretty sure it's unintentional. But they have a killer green sauce and if you order for 4 people, you'll be lucky to get one tiny little plastic cup with like 2 tablespoons of sauce in it. My solution is to beg for sauce, when I show up to pick up the carry out orders.

          2. re: pinkylechat

            Natural Tofu (Book Chang Dong) is on the south side of Queens Blvd., 40-06 is the address. Also often on that block at night is a taco truck run by nice guys that I like a lot for a quick bite. Other places I like in Sunnyside that haven't been mentioned here yet are Acasa on Skillman between 48th & 49th, probably the best Romanian in the city, and Turkish Grill on the north side of Queens Blvd. near the movie theater. Mangal Kebab further down Queens Blvd. on the south side between 46th and 47th has great Turkish fast food - get the sandwiches on the "home bread" instead of pita. Another good burger is at Horgan's next to the movie theater on QB.

            1. re: Woodside Al

              I found Acasa funky (in a bad way) and disappointing, but maybe I'm not the best one to comment on Romanian cuisine.

            2. re: pinkylechat

              i'm not sure what you're implying when saying the cooks are "mexican" at BCD (are you assuming they are mexican?). quite frankly, go behind any restaurant in this day and age, and chances are, you'll have someone of latino descent overlooking the kitchen. at BCD, they just happen to be at the front window. koreans have had long history of a working relationship with mexicans, colombians, dominicans, etc. at their respective establishments. anyway, their soon doboo (korean soft tofu) stews are great, esp on cold winter nights.

          3. Quaint is warmer and nicer than Bliss by miles. Quaint's chicken dish is always fantastic, and their burger is damn tasty (the secret is worcestershire sauce methinks). The desserts could use some improvement. I love it there. I've only been to Bliss once but consistently walk past it to go to warmer, less expensive, Quaint. I think Bliss needs to sort out their fussy feel; it's not getting them any business as far as I can tell.

            I love De Mole--especially for great Huevos Rancheros on the weekends for bargain prices. Along with the brisket, their steak burrito is stellar.

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              Quaint's burger isn't one I think will be universally appealing. I've visited the place on about a half dozen occasions, generally for the fairly tasty mussels and fries. For me, the burger is completely unappealing. It lacks any true beef flavor, and at medium rare is completely grey and has a peculiar texture (squishy being the best word, I think), which had to be attributable to additions of some kind (the worcestershire cobbler alludes to). Obviously a matter of taste, but if you like your burgers classic and beefy, steer clear.

            2. pinky le chat:

              here are two sunnyside posts I found helpful when I moved to the neighborhood:


              happy eating! I think TJ's Asian Bistro has fresh, tasty sushi and I really like Ariyoshi too.

              1. Quaint is terrific. The fries and mussels are perfect. Other great restaurants in the area are the new Asian Bistro for sushi on the corner of 51st and Skillman. Across the street, The Kettle has great, reliable, if a bit boring, food. Donovan's has the best burgers--Roosevelt and 58th St. La Flor on Roosevelt and 53rd is terrific for dinner and brunch. Chips for Mexican on Queens Blvd. next to the movie theater is very good. And Gray Point for Thai is Greenpoint and 42nd Street--very good.

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                1. re: kwindsorfish

                  So lucky for you that you love so much in our neighborhood! But I think a few people might have dissenting opinions (myself being one). I think Chips is standard / sub-standard Ameri-Mex fare. Not dramatically different from what you get from the take out Chinese/Mexican joints on the other side of the boulevard, but you get to sit and enjoy some free chips and salsa. Gray Point Thai had potential when it first opened, but is completely uninspiring now with small portions and mediocre food. Not always in the mood to make the visit to Srip, but the new I am Thai is world's better than Gray Point was in their "heyday".
                  I initially liked TJ's sushi on Skillman, but found that the quality of fish decreased as they got less and less busy (I don't walk by there in the winter, though, so no clue if they're doing business).
                  Quaint is okay. For the neighborhood it gets a B for effort. And is a better alternative than Bliss.
                  But I agree with Linda - my go to's are De Mole and Natural Tofu.

                  1. re: tracyk

                    IMO, neither Bliss nor Quaint is that exciting. They're good additions to the 'hood, but you can get the same type of food at the same price done a LOT better in Manhattan.

                    Like the other posters, I love De Mole - De Mole is probably the best mexican I've had in NYC. BCD (Natural Tofu) is also great - I don't know how they cook their rice so perfectly but it's amazing, and those tofu hot pots with the egg to stir in - phenomenal. I like New York Style Eats on QB and 45th for quick burgers, sandwiches and sweet potato fries. China Taste on 46th and 47th Ave. is my favorite chinese takeout - it's nothing super special, but it's a LOT better than most of the other contenders and they have excellent steamed pork dumplings. Tasty Thai is decent for thai, and there's a little thai-fusion place on Skillman and 51st-52nd (name escapes me) that is pretty good and cheap. The turkish places on QB are mostly excellent. My favorite pizza is Donato's, on 50th or 51st and 39th Ave - they have a full italian menu as well and a nice outdoor seating area.

                    Aubergine is underwhelming. I was also disappointed in Acasa except for the cheese-jelly-donut dessert - OMG that thing was amazing. I hear good things about Tangra but I haven't been yet. I haven't made it to the new Sidetracks yet but it seems extremely pricey for what I'm guessing is not going to be great food - i could be wrong, though.

                  2. re: kwindsorfish

                    I thought the burger was satisfactory at Donovan's. It didn't really blow me away. I don't think I would go back.

                    1. re: designerboy01

                      I agree - the burger at Donovan's was okay, but nothing special. I do it better at home. If I'm going to go to Woodside, I'm going to Sripraphai!

                  3. I like Quaint, I have been disappointed by their deserts but I've had some pretty amazing meals there, that's the thing, it's hit or miss sometimes.