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Jun 15, 2001 12:16 PM

Lobster Tacos

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Having never been myself, does anyone have anything to say about the lobster tacos, or shrimp or fish for that matter, at Rubio's? I think there is one on Lincoln just around the corner from Maxella in MDR?

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    Carolyn Tillie

    Admittedly, I'm a bit biased since I lived in San Diego when and where Rubio's got started. The originals were fantastic. Its not quite as good now at the chain stores. Today, if you go to one of the chains, stick to the standard, "classic" fish tacos. Their specials on lobster burritos are based on the availability of lobsters -- since they work on building the promotion early with posters and whatnot, they have to guarantee that there will be lobster meat. Hence, a lot of it is frozen and stock-piled (same goes for the lobster specials at Red Lobster).

    1. If you keep in mind, you are at a fast food chain,eating a five dollar meal,you wont be disapointed. My kids love going there, they love the food and the decore,aquariums,ect. when we are in a hurry thats our go to place. Its nice to go to a place, have a beer and realy good 99 cent fish taco. And still please your kids. plus it beats the hell out of McDonalds!

      1. If I'm not mistaken, these "lobster" tacos are not meat from the traditional large Maine Lobsters that are familiar. Instead, I understand that this is meat from the small Baja Lobster / Langostinos. I enjoy the meat for what it is, but don't expect hunks of big claw meat or anything like that.

        As far as the Rubio's lobster tacos and burritos, I think they're o.k. The burrito has so much "stuff" in it besides the meat that the taste is overwhelmed. The tacos are a better choice in my opinion. The meat is the usual slighly-sweet shellfish taste.

        I find Rubio's okay on the fast-food circuit. I like the standard deep-fried fish taco, but quality varies widely. Sometimes the fish is hot and crunchy and good; other times the tortilla is tough and the fish is fried less skillfully. For fast-food prices, and chain stores, that's to be expected.