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Jan 13, 2008 04:36 PM

Want to buy buttermilk in large quantity... where?

I make my own cheese with buttermilk. So far, I can only find buttermilk in litre containers ... anyone know where to buy buttermilk in 2 liter or larger quantities?

Many thanks

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    1. Never seen it in large size quantities ever, might have something to do with a trade secret that the corporations have it hugely, very much overpriced, thus highly profitable with limited sales!! I won't go into details, but it ought to retail for much less!! And ironically it is a tremendous product for low fat content, use for flavouring pancakes, baking, etc. Your cheese sounds interesting!! Not sure if it is made in the manner that one drains an Astro Balkan Yogourt to create a cheese using cheesecloth overnight! I can suggest you buy or try, talk to the sales folk in Ukrainian/Polish delis and buy " Muslanka " a high fat Buttermilk of the consistency of sour cream and in a similar large plastic container!! As well for those in pancake or baking motion, the dried buttermilk available at bulk stores does give an appreciable flavour at times of desparation!

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        Thanks for your suggestion.... We have been looking all over for the buttermilk. My recipe involves putting 2 TBS of sour cream into a litre of buttermilk. I put it into the actual container. Put the buttermilk container into a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Put the heat down and let it simmer (about 2 hours) until it becomes solid... Then turn it upside down over cheese cloth and let it drain. It is fabulous..

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          This is FABULOUS. Where do I get the starter?

          1. re: snoobie

            The starter is just active cultured buttermilk.

            Check out the rest of the site. It's fairly addictive. :)