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Jan 13, 2008 04:27 PM

Chicken and dumplings

As a kid growing up my mother used to make C and D with just milk, butter, water, and most importantly FLUFFY Bisquick dumplings that I have yet to master (maybe other secret ingredienst, who knows?). Mine turn out to chewy. I see C and D on many menus in Charlotte, but all the dumplings are chewy not my dream fluffly ones. I must be the only one that likes them that way. Has anyone had it around here that would be closer to my childhood version? Or anyone have a recipe I can try?

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  1. you might want to post this on home cooking (if you haven't already) for more help. sorry i don't have any! i haven't tried dumplings for that exact reason - fear of lead rocks instead!

    1. My Mom made "Fluffy" dumplings as well.I have yet to find anything close in a restaurant anywhere. You aren't the only one that likes em that way.

      1. I usually have trouble with my dumplings falling apart. but I've had more success recently by putting fairly large ones in chicken stock at a low boil and leaving them alone for a few minutes and resist the temptation to poke them to soon. The ones I can keep together come out pretty fluffy. And I use Bisquick too.

        1. If you're eating those dumplings in Charlotte, they won't ever fluff. That would be Southern style dumplings you're eating there.

          We call those others you like 'yankee dumplings'. I make both: the southern style are flat, but shouldn't be chewy. I use those in C and D. For beef stew, I use the fluffy kind, and though it's not the pinnacle of my culinary prowess, I like the taste of Bisquick because that's what my mother's were ; )

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            Yankee dumplings. That's funny. Maybe that's why I can't fing them?? My mom was from Texas though? Glad to dee I am not the only one that likes those fluffy things.

          2. My Mom made fluffy dumplings too - not from Bisquick but from scratch. Very simple recipe.

            I have the recipe in my recipe file if you're interested.

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