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Jan 13, 2008 04:20 PM

Bachelor dinner

I will be hosting a bachelor dinner for about 15 guys in New Orleans. I am considering Dickie Brennan's, Commander's Palace as well as a few other restaurants. Can anyone offer any suggestions for this dinner? Thanks.

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  1. Tujague's in the FQ .....this is their thing. You can rent out the private room upstairs for $50.00 per man and it is a 5-6 course dinner with an open bar... you can't beat that anywhere.

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    1. re: nolalawyer

      I was at a rehearsal dinner at Tujague's last night. Everything was very good.

      Shrimp remoulade - fairly spicy, less mayonnaise-y than most remolaudes

      Brisket with horseradish sauce

      Choice of
      Crawfish etouffee
      Chicken creole
      Redfish with crabmeat dressing

      Bread pudding

      I had the redfish and it was fine. The dressing was the best part.

      If you choose Tujague's, be sure go a little early and hang out in the bar, or stay after. Also, it wouldn't probably be an issue for the bachelors, but the stairwell to the upstairs dining room is very steep and twisty.

    2. tujague's is a good idea. i had a big group dinner the other night at la boca. everything was superb, from the appetizers to the steaks to the wine to the service. 15 might be pushing it (we had 12), but it wouldn't hurt to give them a call. the group menu is on their website:

      we did the 50/person option, which didn't include alcohol.

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        La Boca is an excellent choice... We've been several times since their opening and have only been more pleased each time. Also it would be a pretty manly affair considering it's an Argentine steak house.

      2. Im sorry, but I have to vehemently disagree with Tujagues. I went there for a rehearsal dinner several months ago and did not enjoy the food at all.

        1. I attended a rehearsal dinner a few years ago at Delmonico's on St. Charles Ave. They handled it well, very smooth. This was pre-Katrina, so I'm not sure they're still open.

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