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Jun 15, 2001 12:37 AM

Dinner Buffet

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My dad loves buffets. So, I am thinking of taking him to a dinner buffet on Father's Day. Does anyone know of any good hotel or restaurant dinner buffets in the Los Angeles area? Thanks!

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  1. My wife and I used to go for the dinner buffet at one of the hotels by LAX. This was more than a few years ago, so I am sorry to say that I can't remember which one. It was right on the southeast corner of Century and Sepulveda. I would imagine that one or more of the big hotels along the stretch of Century just before the airport have dinner buffets.

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      Carolyn Tillie

      When I lived in the Valley, I used to go to the Odyssey restaurant which sits atop a hill in Granada Hills, overlooking the whole valley. As far as buffets goes, this one takes the cake with a meat carving bar, an omelet bar, a mexican bar, and a 20-foot long dessert buffet with huge, beautiful chocolate sculptures. Way too much food for me, but my friends who are into buffets really dig it.

      Its at 15600 Odyssey Dr., Granada Hills; (818) 366-6444

    2. The Chinese seafood buffet at the Universal City Hilton is great, if you like that kind of food. At $32 it's actually well worth the price.

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        The Hilton buffet isn't only Chinese food, though it is definitely Asian-centric which you won't really find elsewhere. There are the buffet mainstays like prime rib, lobster, chilled shrimp cocktail, etc, but there's also shark fin soup, many hot dishes like korean short ribs and sauteed crab with garlic and green onions, as well as a sushi station. And all of it is tasty too! It gets crowded, so you'll want to make reservations if you decide to go.

      2. Don't forget Todai. It's a chain Japanese buffet restaurant. Also, the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena and the Warehouse in Marina del Rey has them on weekends. Check for the time.

        1. Thanks to everyone that offered suggestions. I ended up going to Universal Hilton - Cafe Sierra. My dad loved it!!! He loved the lobster and crabs. I especially loved the salt & pepper shrimp! Pricy, but if you love seafood, it is worth it.