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Best Brunch in South Beach?

I'm heading to South Beach over MLK weekend and would love some recommendations-- we'll be 6 people strong and love good food and atmosphere. Any recommendations would be great. We're staying on the 1800 block of Ocean Drive.

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  1. had a great sunday brunch at the ritz. nice setting, around their pool on the ocean. can't recall the price, but i remember all you can drink champagne and/ or mimosas included

      1. Overall, my favorite is the ritz. You are probably staying on collins btw as ocean only goes up to 15th st....

        1. Front Porch cafe is nice for the beach. To get away from the madness try Creek 28 or Talula, both on north ends of South Beach. Miami Beach definitely lacks brunch spots. Don't expect Chicago or NYC type brunches.

          1. oh and BTW, there is no 1800 block of Ocean Drive!!! You may want to double check your reservation...hopefully you didn't get taken for a ride!

            1. Clarke's does a nice brunch as well.

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                Thanks all! I goofed on the address and it's the 900 block. Thanks for all the recommendations. No-pray for no rain.

              2. Anyone done the Talula brunch lately? I'd been a couple times and thought it was pretty good (pretty impressive spread of "hot plate" items, plus several more things you can get to order, impressive spread of sweeties), but heard their pastry chef left and have not been back (for brunch) since.

                1. I love the Sunday Brunch at Nikki Beach!

                  1. The Setai hotel now was a brunch which is pretty impressive, along the lines of Ritz Carlton. You may want to check out A La Folie on Espanola Way, they specialize in crepes & are tucked away in a very cute area of the beach. I would not get too caught up in going to something like Nikki Beach unless you are going for the scene.

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                        + 1 on Nikki comment. Sunday is a big party there, and you should be up for that before going.

                        Wear long sleves before going to a la folie. Mosquitos - yes even in winter.