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Jan 13, 2008 02:59 PM

ISO: Smash cakes

A smash cake is a hollow chocolate, shaped and decorated like a cake. Instead of cutting a cake to serve, you're supposed to use a mallet or hammer to smash it to pieces. Sometimes it is filled with treats inside and therefore is sometimes called a chocolate pinata.

I know a store called Chocolicks sells it but does anyone know of anywhere else I could fine them in the Toronto area? Or even better yet, does anyone know how I might make my own?

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  1. There's a store on Bayview Ave...north of Manor Rd, south of Eglinton called The Chocolate Messenger...they have sign in the window advertising Smash Cakes...I always wondered what they is their contact info...1645 Bayview Avenue
    East York, ON
    (416) 488-1414

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        That's funny I've always seen that sign too and wondered what they were.

      2. I was going to say "Chocolicks!" but you already know about that place!