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Jan 13, 2008 02:26 PM

paczki and pierogis

Lent is soon coming. Is there anyplace in the DC/Baltimore region in which to get excellent versions of these Polish delicacies or do I have to go back to Jersey? Church sale? Out of the way Polish deli or bakery? And if you can also point me to a sublime poppy seed roll I'll be truly appreciative.

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  1. Go to Sophies in the Fells Point market for polish goodies. There is also Polish Treasures in Fells Point on I think Wolfe Street, they are mainly a gift shop but have a pierogy (and coddie) connection and also the Krakus deli in Fells point on I think Eastern Avenue.
    Also, the Giant's flyer for this week is advertising Paczkis.

    1. The pierogies at Polish Treasures are fantastic. You could also visit the Polish Home Club on Saturday night (from 6:30 to 10:00, they have live music) and ask around. Everyone is super nice there and it's a great place to get a cheap beer and dance to some polka.

      1. We get our pierogis, Polish sausage, pickles, smoked fish, etc., at Krakus Deli. I don't know from authentic, but they make us happy. It's actually on Fleet, not Eastern, a block and a half east of Broadway.

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        1. I haven't tried them, but the Giant stores sell boxed Paczki.

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            Someone brought in a few boxes of these to work on Tuesday. They were pretty lousy.

          2. Thanks all! Fells Point it is. I might have to do a taste test between Sophies, Polish Treasures and Krakus Deli. Here is an article that sheds a little more light on the subject. I definitely have to find out when the St. Sophia's sisterhood is making theirs.