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Jan 13, 2008 01:24 PM
Discussion burger in the slope

I do like Bonnie's grille, however I tasted Sidecar's burger last Friday, medium rare and I believe that it could do some justice against Bonnie's..

Very simple burger with cheese if you like, It comes with tomato, lettuce and a pickle. Additional add ons are bacon, onions and mushrooms.

Get there at 6pm when they open though, otherwise the wait can be rough...

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  1. "I believe that it could do some justice against Bonnie's.."

    oh stop it! your wife is looking over your shoulder ain't she? ;-)

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    1. re: TBird

      she was...but I enjoyed just as well..hehehehe

      1. re: slopeguy

        We had burgers at Sidecar a few months ago and wholeheartedly agree. Was a perfect medium rare, a tasty grilled bun, and great fries.

        I was discouraged by subsequent accounts which were hit or miss...glad to hear someone had a positive recent meal there. We've been meaning to go back.

        They make some great cocktails too.

    2. Sidecar's on my shortlist of places to go but I haven't made it there yet. You're saying the place is packed? Only weekends or all the time?

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      1. re: HankyT

        It can get very crowded, especially if you go around 8 or 9 at night..weekdays are probably fine. I went on Friday evening when they opened at 6pm..

      2. i picked up a cheeseburger from sidecar last night. definately a tasty burger. actually one of the better burgers i've had in recent memory and definately one of the best if not the best burger i've had in park slope. came juicy and cooked perfectly. the meat had a really nice flavor to it. the lettuce was fresh and crisp. the fries i'd say where a little on the salty side and i am not a huge fan of very thin cut fries but they were ok. when i picked it up it was about 7pm and i'd say about 60% of the booths were filled and 70% of the bar was occupied. place had a nice atmosphere. i'll surely go back for a sit down next time.

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        1. re: prcentauri

          the burger was good(not great). but at $11($13 if you want sauteed onions), i'll keep looking. and the fries were useless, a soggy-salty nightmare. but(!!!), six point bengali & sweet action on tap, and at $5, is a definate winner. as is the spyhunter video game in the corner!

        2. Would trying to get a table for six at like 7 on a Fri/Sat night be an extremely bad idea?

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          1. re: xariana

            Not if you get there at

            1. re: slopeguy

              we went at 7 and it wasn't very crowded. but that was the day of the "snow"...

          2. I went to Sidecar a few weeks ago with my twin 11yo daughters and sat at the kitchen counter. We all had burgers and I'd have to agree that they are really good. If its any indication they both finished their burgers and they are usually picky eaters.

            While we're eating the owner was making fried oysters, something not on the menu. He does that towards the end of the evening so that the fresh oysters don't go to waste. He prepared one for each of us to try. Yummy.

            I've been there 4 or 5 times now and always have had a great experience. And best of all, you can park in front, unlike the main restaurant row on 5th where you're lucky if you can park on this side of the Gowanus. I come from the 'burbs of Ditmas Park.

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            1. re: zacfi

              the oysters were $16 last time i was there. for 6 of them. $15 for 6 if they aren't "fried"...