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Jan 13, 2008 01:15 PM

San Antonio help wanted

We are coming for a convention and will eat anything good in any price range. We live in central California and eat a lot of Cal-Mexican, so would prefer Mexican options that are somehow "different." I would like places within walking distance from the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center for lunch. For dinner, places close or within a reasonable cab ride (I know nothing about cab or rapid transit options in San Antonio). Thanks.

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  1. Well there are several places on the River Walk but haven't eaten down there in years.
    Two places on Broadway I know of,are Tomatillo's and Picante Grill.Picante is across from the Witte Museum,and Tomatillo's is also in the same area,but i think a little farther down on Broadway.Picante Grill has interior mexican dishes I believe.
    The cab ride down Broadway isn't I think that far from the Convention Center. You may also ask at the check in desk for suggestions,or even ask some of the hotel employees for some ideas.
    A popular tourist place is Mi Tierra,which many locals go to as well.It is in the Market Square area.I think you can walk it.The cabbies will know where it's at. since alot of people go there.
    Wish I could be more help.

    1. Public transportation in most major Texas cities is virtually nonexistant. So, be prepared to take cabs.

      In your area, I'll second the suggestion for haeding over to Market Square. I generally eat at La Margarita over Mi Tierra, but both are quite popular. Mi Tierra has the advantage of being open 24 hours and has a panaderia inside.

      On the Riverwalk, your best option in Biga on the Banks. A lot of the other stuff is horrible and a tourist trap. There is a County Line BBQ there, which seems to be popular among the out-of-towners, but as a native Texas it does not speak to me.

      It has been many years since I lived in SA although I visit often. Hopefully some other hounds will chime in with some up-to-date information.

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        The nice thing about San Antonio is the little trolley, you take the Blue one from downtown to southtown and have Rosario's, Mirador, Azuca, China Latina, Cascabel, Tito's - all next to each other. The Red trolley goes to the Mercado where you have Mi Tierra, Pico de Gallo and La Margarita. And there really are very good ones on the Riverwalk, Boudro's, Biga, Mexican Manhattan, Acenar are very good indeed.

        1. re: bronwen

          Thanks for the update Bronwen. Nice to know that is an option.

      2. OK. I have done some homework and plowed through the last couple years of San Antonio posts. I am open to try: Tex-Mex so I can compare it to Cal-Mex (I have no idea about the difference); any and all authentic style regional Mexican food as compared to "border" Mexican; contemporary Southwestern and New Mexico style food (can that be had outside of New Mexico??).

        I do not need BBQ unless it is truly excellent. I can do it well at home (well, not brisket... yet).

        What looks interesting from my review: LaReve (obviously, though my wife has very little interest in that style of food), Boudros, and the Liberty Bar.

        Appreciate your help and I do report back. Thanks.

        1. There are two Mexican restaurants not too far from where you will be. El Mirador is at 722 S. St. Mary's and Rosario's at 910 S. Alamo. Go to Mapquest and see the directions from point to point. Both restaurants are where the locals eat.

          1. Agree on Rosarios. Really great salsa and about everything too. I think La Margarita has the best beef fajitas in the world. Aldacos over by the Alamodome is great. Get the Tlalpeno soup and tasty quesadillas.

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            1. re: Uncle Luigi

              boudro's is probably the only thing worth it on the riverwalk, that comes with an asterick.

              both biga and le reve are excellent... but pricey. expect to spend a bundle.
              le reve is the best restaurant in texas... but it's an adventure. expect to spend several hours there... and it's well worth it.

              mi tierra is like disneyland. it's there. tourists go there. it's packed. i think it's overrated. rosarios (just south), tomatillos (north) and paloma blanco (further north) are much better than mi tierra.

              you won't find mindblowing bbq in san antonio... not on the river... not anywhere.

              and.. finally... here'sa big plug for the liberty bar. that place continues to impress. holy cow they're good. ambiance, service, food, everything. it's just north of downtown.

              1. re: radiowh0re

                If you get to the Liberty Bar, also try the Josephine Street Cafe....Anyplace that has neon signs advertising " Steaks" and "Whiskey" gets a vote from me! The trolley is THE way to negotiate downtown San Antonio. Cheap and runs from early to late. Le Reve requires reservations about a month in advance so call now. IMHO, Azuca, south of downtown is one of the most underrated restaurants in SA. Near Azuca is LeFrite a tiny Belgium/French place with the best mussels outside Washington State's Penn Cove. The Guenther House for a Texas breakfast of biscuits/sausage won't eat again until dinner.