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Jan 13, 2008 01:13 PM

Rye Bar and Grill

are they currently open?
or closed for renovations?

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  1. It is currently not quite is under major construction after being torn down to build a brand new structure, complete with an "upper deck" for warmer weather. It should be great and they anticipate it being ready for spring/summer. In the meantime, you can visit Ruby's for a great burger- or venture to the newest restaurant in their group called Tap House in Tuckahoe. It's fantastic!!!

    1. They plan on being open by May, probably not till the Summer though.

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      1. re: momof3

        Oh, and btw its Rye Grill and Bar, fwiw

      2. They will be having their grand opening on January 26th. I believe they are having a soft opening to the general public 6-9 on Jan 23rd. I plan on going. I hear it is a really nice space.

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        1. re: millie15

          A big truck from Lillian August was there on Saturday unloading furniture!
          Hopefully they'll have a website this time around.

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